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By Eyal Markovich, Co-Founder and COO

In early December we publicly launched the Blockchain Distribution Network Version 1 (BDN V1) (1.52.10) with support for ETH and BCH, a huge step towards our mission of enabling on-chain scaling for blockchains. We want to share more information on bloXroute’s architecture, components, and how nodes can install the BDN Gateway as well as provide a Q1 Roadmap Update.

Architecture and Components

The BDN V1 is the first blockchain scalability solution that enables blockchains and cryptocurrencies to scale to thousands of on-chain transactions per second at Layer-0, underneath the blockchain at the networking layer.

The BDN utilizes a global network of servers optimized for network performance. The BDN is comprised of Gateways, Servers/Relays, and a Control Plane.

Servers act as the network backbone and are located around the globe at optimized points. They are currently hosted on Amazon AWS and Ali Cloud and we have the ability to provision instances in Google data centers. We are currently utilizing five regions with redundancy and, as demand grows, will scale up/out to more instances and regions.

Gateways allow client nodes to communicate with the Servers and access the network. To use the BDN, users must install the bloXroute Gateway and configure it to communicate with their node. The BDN Gateway software is publicly available on DockerHub, PiPI, and Github. Detailed instructions on installation, arguments, upgrading, and logging can be found here. If you have any technical support questions, you can reach our team at or leave us a message on Discord.

The Control Plane is the software that allows the BDN to find the best and fastest route through the network. The Control Plane is publically accessible via

Roadmap Update

We are just getting started! After achieving the huge milestone of launching the BDN V1, we are busier than ever working to add additional features and integrations to our network. Here’s what our team will be up to the next few months.

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