Bitcoin Is Just a New Decentralized Money Pyramid, Unless This Happens

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Calling yourself a Bitcoin Believer and looking only at it’s price, hoping to get rich quick, is hypocrite behavior.

Here, I said it out loud

I have seen my allergy towards crypto twitter and YouTube Bitcoin guru’s increase over the past months. It is even affecting how I see Bitcoin.

Especially when this new amazing digital internet money is combined with one and only one focus alone; its price and how to make more money on it.

Its hard to avoid, Its everywhere and it is only till recently I have found out why Bitcoins price is leaving me more and more unaffected.

First of all, I lost some money trading Bitcoin. A great lesson, it purged my greed out of my system. It showed me the nasty volatile teeth of Bitcoin. Moreover, it showed me how easy it can be to be swept away and lose yourself, and your money, in Bitcoin. As can happen with any asset that you can gamble with.

Lesson learned. Part 2

From the beginning, I learned about Bitcoin’s real potential; to become the digital store of value in our data-driven economy of the future.

This is potentially a great asset. And owning some shares in that digital gold won’t hurt. That made be start Hodling again, in small numbers.

In fact, to be straight with you, I don’t care if you hodl, trade, buy, sell as long as this makes you happy, or even a decent income; fine. Live and let live. Good luck to you. There are many very respectable traders out there.

But there can be potentially more…

I started my publication Spirit of Crypto out of the need and passion to deep-dive in the relation between our growing awareness as humans, and what technology can bring to the table to support more equality, a redistribution of wealth, and O Utopia, possibly moving away from a very corrupted pyramid financial system that benefits only a few

This is where my passion resides, there is where I find my followers, there is where I want to built my tribe.

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