Bitcoin SV Surges 60%, Why You Should Care – Jason Coleman

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Craig Wright’s Bitcoin SV breaks out with another huge bull run on saturday, and a surge of around 60% over the past 10 days in total, and a gain of 38% over the past 3 days, going from $126 to $174 and holding steady at $172.

Now we find out that according to court documents filed with a U.S. district court in Florida on Jan. 10, Judge Beth Bloom ruled that Reinhart’s earlier sanction order was not proper. This happened a few days AFTER Craig Wright’s filing in court on Jan 6th of some 400+ pages of documents that reveal a 3rd “Tulip Trust” (Nakamoto’s Fortune), of which Kleimans estate also had no knowledge of, yet claims to deserve equal right of ownership to.

Previously in summer 2019, Judge Reinhart had ruled that Craig Wright is in fact the inventory of Bitcoin, but that he was not necessarily entitled to all of the fortune. Now it seems that Judge Reinhart’s previous ruling has been nulled and voided by this new ruling.

However, Wright still has some work to do regarding his Bitcoin claims. He has been ordered to inform the court by Feb. 3, 2020 if a “mysterious bonded courier” arrives with the final key slice so that he can access his Bitcoin holdings. The judge questioned the plausibility of Wright’s previous assertion that this courier would deliver the slice by January 2020. However, she did say that the court should at least allow him the opportunity.

BitCoin SV is currently the leader of the pack in the latest bull run market, with other hard forks gaining more than Bitcoin and altcoins bringing up the rear.

This also is a few weeks ahead of a pending hard fork to be executed in February on the Bitcoin SV chain, which is rumored to be the last step toward Bitcoin SV’s plan to re-emerge as the version of bitcoin which operates most like the original bitcoin protocol.

Combine that with the pending halving in May of the Bitcoin core and we are in for an interesting next few months.

Why Should You Care About Bitcoin SV?

All politics and bitcoin-warring-factions aside, why should you really care about bitcoin sv?

Other than the fact that it’s going to go UP HUGE, and already has, there are a few more reasons:

It’s like investing in bitcoin in 2007?

If you had, you would be a millionaire already. Bitcoin SV is your chance to get in early!

It’s soon to be way more useful than bitcoin?

Some very interesting projects are happening on Bitcoin SV, such as

It’s going to eventually replace bitcoin?

Ok, this one is debateable… but of any crypto-invention at the moment, bitcoin SV is the ONLY one capable of handling more transactions per second than VISA. So far, nothing can do that, not even bitcoin core.

What if Craig Wright is Satoshi and has this fortune?

This is by far the biggest reason to at LEAST snag yourself some BSV cheap, while you still can. If Craig Wright does manage to somehow convince the naysayers or one day proves that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, or just reveals his keys to the fortune, bitcoin sv is going to surpass bitcoin core in value.

No Evidence Craig Wright is NOT Satoshi?

The “establishment” companies who currently control the bitcoin core camp seem to be all citing in lock-step the talking point that there is “mounting evidence” that Craig Wright is NOT Satoshi Nakamoto.

However I have yet to see or hear an actual piece of evidence that proves he IS NOT SATOSHI.

That’s because logically and legally speaking, one cannot prove a negative.

It’s impossible to PROVE that something IS NOT something.

Challenge: I want to hear viewpoints other than mine, after all I could be wrong.. do you think I am? Comment below and tell me what you think?

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