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We regret to inform you that we have decided to postpone our exchange listing for another month…

We understand that this is probably frustrating to you, but some might agree with us that we need a better exchange for PIXBY. Yes, one of the main reasons for this delay is the token liquidity on the exchange, we regularly check community reviews on all social media, and what we found out is that everyone loves the project but not looking to invest because they can’t get behind P2PB2B exchange… The entire team troubled by this situation, and regret that we were not able to realize this before conducting the IEO.

Our Initial exchange offering on P2PB2B was unsuccessful

So to make the long story short — we did not manage to raise from P2PB2B anything even close to what was invested in the project for the past few months of tireless working, and we strongly decided that we need some revamping and list on exchange with better liquidity.

For the past weeks, our team has spent considerable time contacting exchanges that are proven to show good liquidity, and we have got some really good deals out of these negotiations. Unfortunately, we can’t share the names of exchange as we signed the NDA letter, but here’s what we will do, by the time we are ready to approach listing we will pick at least 5 exchanges and ask the community to vote for the best, this way we will be confident that all investors and community are happy with it.

We are continuing to fundraising

As a result of this situation, we will continue working on PIXBY presales. We are confident that we have a solid number of interested investors. Our team will be going back to interested parties to continue discussions, and we believe that PIXBY has substantial name recognition, and interest has been shown in this project.

Exchange listing date rescheduled

This, of course, as you saw in the title means exchange listing is delayed until IEO ends. P2PB2B already rescheduled the listing date to February 10th, and we will do our best to open trading pairs on all exchanges by that date.

Absolutely! Our team will continue to work as hard as possible and follow the roadmap. In the coming months, we will be working hard to build the early stage of our freelance marketplace Dapp.

In the meantime, early adopters of PIXBY tokens are free to take advantage of the early version of our staking Dapp and enjoy daily rewards. (more info in this article).


We will always keep the community updated on ongoing developments as they happen, and as soon as we have sufficient funds to approach listing PIXBY on another exchange.

  1. Head to https://pixby.io
  2. Click on ‘Buy PIXBY instantly’
  3. Unlock and authorize your wallet. (Trust, Metamask, imToken etc…)
  4. Enter the number of tokens and confirm the payment in Eth.
  5. Check your wallet for some PIXBY once the transaction is confirmed.

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