Sophisticated Function X in Covering the Weakness of an ordinary Smartphone

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Surely we already know the history from the beginning of the presence of a smartphone, which before it was transformed into a smart phone, it was once called a landline telephone. Initially the telephone was only used as a medium of telecommunications with limited use, that is only to call and send messages. But thanks to the persistence of the technology activists, the phone has now turned into a smart phone with a variety of uses, which is due to its multi-purpose smartphone now has become one of the needs that must be met by most people. Did you know that even though smartphones can already be applied very sophisticated, technology activists continue to strive to bring forth new innovations, as did Function X. Where this platform will integrate Blockchain technology into its smartphone, so that it will produce smartphones with two different functions in only one smartphone.

To create different characteristics and have a high selling value, did you know that Function X will give freedom to its users to release all forms of creativity in order to design a Function X smartphone according to user tastes. Of course, the characteristics possessed by Function X has never been done by any smartphone manufacturer at this time. Not only that, when in Function X already has two excellent products named BOB and XPOS. Where these two products are smartphone products that have different functions, but both are equipped with a decentralized internet network and an encrypted security system. So by using this smartphone users can carry out any activity, including investment without worrying about fraud. because this internet network has been designed in such a way as to avoid all forms of criminalization.

The sophistication of a smartphone has enabled it to have the function to send a number of data, which data can be sent via social media or other applications that are often used such as Email. Where these data will land safely to the recipient, but did you know that when sending the file, it is not certain that the device or data sent by the sender is free from various viruses. Where if the file is infected with a dangerous virus, then automatically the data that has been sent cannot be accessed. This is because the smartphone that we use today is not yet equipped with a high security system. So it will be very easy to be infected by dangerous viruses. Just imagine if you want to attend an important meeting, and at the same time your data is infected by a virus and completely inaccessible. This of course will harm the company. Therefore to prevent harmful things from happening, Function X will provide a reliable internet network with a layered security system by implementing an automation system, so that if there is a particular virus then this internet network will automatically eradicate the virus.

In addition to providing an internet network with a decentralized system and encrypted security, Function X also not only avoids viruses that will enter the user’s device. However, it also has the ability to remove viruses contained in files sent by other parties to the Function X smartphone. Where the smartphone will filter all incoming files in detail, so that this process will completely eliminate the virus at its root. If usually an anti-virus application contained by users’ devices will eradicate the virus for a long period of time, then did you know that the filtering process carried out by the Function X smartphone can be done in just seconds. So users do not need to spend a long time just to wait for their device to be free of viruses, so it will save users time.

As we know that high-value technology is technology that was born to cover the deficiencies of the previous technology. Just as Function X did with the birth of smartphones and internet networks to cover the deficiencies of previous technology by creating a decentralized security system and high security.






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