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3Box has integrated with Authereum, an Ethereum smart contract wallet provider. Providing a new feature that allows their users to privately backup the admin keystore that controls their Authereum contract wallet to 3Box. This gives their users the ability to access their admin keystore without Authereum’s services, therefore reducing their reliance on Authereum and building more trust in the smart contract wallet ecosystem. For more info on this integration, check out this blog post.

DAOStack is using profiles in their Alchemy project. This makes DAOs more user friendly and social.

Livepeer is now using 3Box profiles for transcoder accounts. Giving stakers greater information about the transcoders they are staking with.

Roundabout Exchange is a non-custodial solution designed to allow Bitcoin users to partake in the growing Ethereum DEFI space. They have integrated 3Box in to their application to store off-chain data. Read more about their architecture here, and try out the exchange here.

A marketplace to create and sell digital collectibles, 3Box profiles have been integrated to give user accounts a more human feel. To check it out, visit and connect your wallet.

DappHero is a project that offers great potential in widening adoption of distributed applications. Combining 3Box’s distributed storage with the no code necessary build environment of web flow, opens up opportunity to build DApps to wider audience. Offering designers and entrepreneurs the tools to build their own apps will bring greater creativity and diversity to world of web3 applications. This video shows how DappHero can be used to convert a template website to be web3 enabled in seconds.

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