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At present technology can not be denied has a significant positive impact on the development and improving world economy. One technology that has a positive impact on the economy of the world community is the Blockchain technology. This can be seen from the many people who try their luck by developing an operating system or software Blockchain technology. Where he can trade the results of innovations or modifications made to other cryptocurrency users who need. As we know that technology is currently experiencing rapid development since 2009 until now, which is due to developments made by technology activists, now Blockchain technology can be applied universally with various service features.

As we know that Blockchain technology does not provide limits to the knowledge possessed by someone who wants to develop, this means that all parties can develop as long as they have the will. Nevertheless at this time Blockchain technology also still has some limitations, which limitations make it a little difficult for developers. Therefore by looking at the limitations possessed by Blockchain technology, Cartesi is present by offering a number of advantages and conveniences for developers.

Before deciding to do development, of course we will first look for detailed information about the software to be developed. This, of course, aims to enable developers to gain knowledge about programming languages. Did you know that even though Blockchain technology has provided an open source system for its software, it still gives certain limitations that cannot be done by developers, for example Blockchain technology requires developers to do development without being equipped with limited knowledge and tools . In addition, development carried out with Blockchain technology also still uses relatively high costs. whereas as Blockchain technology, it should be able to provide low service costs, moreover these costs apply to development that will benefit itself. Therefore, currently Blockchain technology has not been able to provide efficient development services for its users. Therefore it is appropriate that the Cartesi platform exists to help developers to be able to develop without any limitations.

To improve the services he will provide, Cartesi will use the RISC-V processor which operates under the Linux operating system to enable developers to use all the tools, services, devices, programming languages ​​and libraries of the Cartesi platform. This is done so that all parties can understand the programming language, services, and tools needed at the time of development. Not only that, Cartesi will also enable users to develop the desired DAaps size. So by joining the Cartesi platform, users can create their own DApps without worrying about technology and minimal costs.

Did you know that Cartesi’s presence will not only benefit developers, but will also bring changes to some of the industries in the world. Where with the Cartesi it will allow the birth of the latest technologies that have never been released by any technology companies, so that the presence of advanced technology is expected to be able to change the technological systems contained in this world to become more sophisticated. Not only that, Cartesi will also allow someone to rent out their idle computing power for research purposes. This will also enable the birth of science and new discoveries. So that the nation’s children will be more intelligent because of the unique discoveries that come from computing power. Therefore Cartesi’s presence cannot be considered an ordinary platform.

At present there are many platforms that are run only for monetization, which only provides a few services in order to make a profit. But unlike the case with Cartesi, where the services he provides can change the world because it will allow the birth of the latest technology, science and other sophisticated systems through the magic hands possessed by technology activists. Therefore with the sophistication it has, it can be said that Cartesi is a Blockchain based platform that can be a bridge for the birth of the latest technology.


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