VELIC Honey Pot Coupon Giveaway Event! (1/15 ~ 1/21)

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Follow VELIC on Twitter/FB and get a chance to win over $4,500!

Honey Pot Coupon Giveaway Event

1. Event Period: Jan 15, 2020 (Wed) 00:00 (UTC) ~ Jan 21, 2020 (Tue) 23:59 (UTC)

2. How to participate
(1) Follow/Like VELIC’s official Twitter and/or Facebook handle.
(2) Retweet (Twitter) or share (Facebook) VELIC’s Honey Pot coupon giveaway event post.
(3) Fill out the Giveaway Event participation questionnaire (Click Here)
(4) Retweet (Twitter) or share (Facebook) at least two (2) VELIC contents during the Giveaway Event.
(5) Official SNS
– Twitter:
– Facebook:

3. Rewards
(1) 210 Honey Pot coupons will be given out to eligible participants (5 tickets will be given out during every 4-hour period).
(2) Coupons are distributed automatically into the VELIC accounts beginning Jan 23, 2020 (Thu) 00:10 (UTC) and ending at Jan 29, 2020 (Wed) 20:00 (UTC).

4. Other Rules
(1) If you delete the retweet or shared posts prior to the end of the event, you will not be eligible.
(2) If the retweet or shared post is not public, you will not be eligible.
(3) Any abusive activity will result in ineligibility.
(4) This event may be changed without notice at VELIC’s discretion.
(5) The use of Honey Pot coupons from this Giveaway Event follows the standard Honey Pot rules. Major rules include the following:
– You must complete KYC in order to play Honey Pot.
– If you already receive Honey Pot tickets due to other eligible activities, they will all count together towards to cap of 60 coupons/day per account.
– Tickets are subject to expiration if not used within a given 4-hour window.

For more information and the full rules, please refer to “About Honey Pot” after you click the link below:

Web Page:

Follow VELIC on FB/Twitter and get a chance to win over $4,500!

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