What is FomoCube? – Russell L. Thomas

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A traditional ponzi or a pyramid was generally managed by a handful of people with the software being closed source and inaccessible from the outside. In other words there was no way to tell what hidden functions the owners had implemented.

It was also very common for these types of projects to randomly shut down and disappear with the investor’s money. In fact every single ponzi scheme followed the same principle: get a bunch of people to pay and then… “error 404, site not found”. Fortunately, thanks to the blockchain technology, that’s a thing of the past!

Smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain have revolutionized the way we do business online and adoption is growing at an ever increasing rate. Once a smart contract is deployed on the blockchain, it stays there permanently forever and nobody, not even the creator of the contract, can modify it at a later date. We can always be sure that the smart contract will behave exactly the way it was programmed initially.

We no longer need to trust the developer behind the project. All we need is to take a look at the smart contract’s source code to know what it does.

Here’s a kicker- smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain can be accessed from virtually anywhere! You can interact with any smart contract directly from a 3rd party service like myetherwallet.com, etherscan.io or even from your own computer provided that you have the necessary software running.

While FomoCube has a beautiful front-end, it’s not a requirement to interact with the underlying smart contract. If you have internet connection, you can interact with the FomoCube smart contract directly from anywhere.

This means that even if the unfortunate happens and the front-end disappears for whatever reason, you can still access your funds and withdraw your earnings at any time. It is literally impossible for the FomoCube team to run off with investor’s money even if they decide to shut down the website.

The smart contract powering FomoCube IS the back-end software. All the investor/player related information is stored in the smart contract. All of the balances, dividends and referral earnings are stored in the smart contract, transparent and visible to everyone.

There is no traditional database and web server. The smart contract’s code is verified and open source meaning anyone with a bit of technical know-how can easily glance over the source code and know exactly what the underlying mechanics are. This is the complete opposite of traditional ponzis where there is no way to tell what the back-end server side scripts (ie. PHP) are doing behind the scenes.

CUBE is the first game and it’s essentially a regular pyramid. If you buy CUBE token you are paying 20% of the investment to the people who bought before you. The same rate also applies if you decide to sell your CUBE and cash out your earnings. This feature makes it possible to earn free ETH from people who are exiting the game and selling their tokens.

To make money playing CUBE game it is advised to buy CUBE, grab your referral link and start inviting new players to buy CUBE. You will earn 10% directly from all of their deposits and you will earn part of the 20% pool in dividends for life. The generous referral program pays you 1 ETH for every 10 ETH deposit you invite.

POLY is the second game. Unlike CUBE where the earlier you get in, the better, in POLY you win the jackpot pool if you are the LAST buyer. Each round starts from 0 and players buy POLY tokens with their ETH. 50% of the buy goes diretly to POLY holders who got in before you, 20% goes to the jackpot pool that the last buyer of the round will win, 15% will go to CUBE holders making CUBE a great long term hodl and finally there is a 5% admin fee.

To win the POLY jackpot you have to pay attention to the timer. Every new buy adds 30 minutes to the clock. The maximum is 72 hours. If the timer runs out before a new player is able to buy, the last buyer wins the entire jackpot.

To make money with POLY it is advised to hodl a fair amount of CUBE at all times. This will guarantee a whopping 15% from every POLY buy-in for life. Additionally you will earn 10% referral commission on ALL deposits either CUBE or POLY. Sometimes it is possible to earn MORE free ETH simply from inviting new players with your referral link than from winning the jackpot itself.

More information and how to play: https://fomocube.io/

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