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Trading of gold as a worthy asset is a regular activity in many economic jurisdictions across the globe. Have you ever wondered why many people perceive this activity as being very difficult and challenging activity to undertake? And even in the face of the speculated challenges that comes with trading gold, are there any realistic solutions to these problems? Well, I get good news as Digital Gold is an Ethereum based innovation that allows customers to buy gold in its digital form with their native ERC-20 token known as GOLD token. Each GOLD token is equal to 1 gram of 99.99% fine gold which is stored in the company’s vaults. For those who might have read my previous articles, you may be more aware of the above statement.

In this episode of my series on DIGITAL GOLD, I will throw more emphasis on the Digital Gold Marketplace. The marketplace provides an easy way to buy and sell GOLD tokens without going through the hustle of filling out a registration form or any sort of stress like KYC procedure involved in buying fine gold from gold dealership stores across the globe. Through the official Marketplace, investing in gold will be much faster and safer when compared to other digital exchanges as all transactions are carried out with real speed. All transactions on the platform are free of charge and the customers only need to pay the required blockchain fees such as the Ethereum gas fees that are charged on all transactions on the Ethereum blockchain network. For the convenience of all customers, there are no restrictions in dealing on the platform hence customers simply buy and sell any quantity they want.

At the moment, the GOLD token can be bought on Cryptex, Livecoin, and BitForex but the Gold Storage Marketplace is Digital Gold’s official platform.

The marketplace on the official website is very simplified and easy to navigate. It always have the current price information for purchases and sales of the GOLD token in Bitcoin and Ethereum. As stated already, the price of 1 GOLD token is always pegged to 1 gram of physical gold.

There is a clear chart which shows daily spot prices of gold per gram. Users can easily switch between monitoring prices in Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD. Monitoring the chart allows traders to have access to important information on when to buy or sell GOLD tokens.

Closely attached to the chart is a simple form that can easily be filled out to buy, sell or convert GOLD tokens to other currencies.


A customer who wants to buy GOLD tokens must simply select the currency he/she intends to pay with by clicking on the right logo on the left side of the form.

Customers can then proceed with the purchase by clicking on ‘Exchange’.

There is also a second portion of the form which displays.
The most vital field here is the one on the right — ‘To Wallet’. Customers must enter the right receiving address of an ERC-20 supported Ethereum wallet where the purchased tokens will be sent.

After all the required details have been entered correctly, users can simply click on the ‘Submit Exchange’ button to complete the entire exchange process.


Within a short period of time after this, the exchange order will be displayed. Customers can simply double-check to make sure that the address and amount of coins to be received are correct. The ETH address specified in the process will be credited with the GOLD tokens once the transaction has been completed.

It is important to know that customers have about 15 minutes to complete the payment after initiating the whole exchange process. This is very crucial as the amount of GOLD tokens expected might be different than what is on the website should a user delay in sending the payment in time.

Users can easily monitor the progress of the transaction as there would be a feedback on the site once payment has been confirmed and the smart contract will consequently credit the account with the right amount of GOLD tokens.

Should any challenge arise in the course of this, all questions or concerns can always be directed to the Support team at Digital Gold Marketplace by clicking on the support button located at the bottom of the page. There are always support agents at all time of the day to help customers with all their challenges. There are Phone-based support available on Monday — Friday between 09:00–17:00 CET. The contact number is located at the bottom of the site or simply on There is also the option to send an email by filling out a support ticket form.

The marketplace by Digital Gold is an innovation worth all the attention and consideration. Through blockchain, fine gold is simply been tokenized using GOLD tokens with just a few clicks on an online marketplace. This is simply incredible, all thanks to the team at DIGITAL GOLD and blockchain technology.

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