Zenon Network Scam Warning (ZNN) – Kollosal

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Zenon Network Chapter 1 conclusion :

If you join Zenon Network telegram group you will find out very soon that it is a controlled environment that censors and bans smart possible investors. Many choose to remain silent so they won’t get banned. It’s full of cult like minded people and burner accounts made to contain situations that posses risk to their scam. Only shill is accepted. They just want naive investors to dump their bags on. Not what SquareCrypto would do being pro Bitcoin. Bitcoin stands for everything against this type of behaviour.

You can see the investors are slowly selling ZNN on STEX and CREX in the last two weeks. They can’t sell high number of coins because of the ultra low liquidity — another reason why bagholders are so scared. Buying side of the order book is very low on liquidity. If the sentiment around this project was so great as they claim on telegram and twitter, this would not happen. If the project was so solid as they claim, they wouldn’t need to be so aggressive and do the things they are doing.

The cult like minded people will protect their bags at all costs by insulting, trolling and agreeing with Sigli (admin), even if proof is shown that they are lying. Of course I don’t expect any ethics from scammers and scared bagholders. I know they will do everything in their power to discredit this medium post or report it, as shown earlier.

If you continue to invest in this project after all this evidence, you are a mamaluke and you will loose your money anyways eventually.

I prefer to stay anonymous as I can’t know how dangerous this people really are.

Chapter 2 coming soon…

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