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Relictum Pro is a scalable, hyper-modern blockchain, with a view to the far future. This is a platform that can be used both with thin clients and with more powerful processors, basic stations, as well as with the latest electronic and computer technologies, including quantum computers.

This is a global, large-scale distributed registry that works with a million computers and is accessible to everyone. Any values, from money to music, could be stored, moved, exchanged, and managed without powerful intermediaries (such as banks, corporations, up to the state itself). Information is distributed across the global registry. When people can trust each other everywhere and cooperate on equal terms.

The main problem in the global community of blockchain system developers is the creation of a universal platform that can serve not only a single cryptocurrency, but also record logistic events, copyright tracking, arbitrating, storing data in a decentralized repository, as well as self-executing transactions (smart contracts) in any area of human activity. At the moment, the community is not yet able to provide such a universal platform. This is due to the fact that inertia of thinking does not allow one to go beyond the established stereotypes and opinions.

The main problems of modern blockchains:

  • Large block size, The bitcoin block size is 8000 times bigger than relictum pro block size
  • Energy consumption;
  • Scalability
  • Transaction Rate
  • Organization of communication channels
  • Current P2P network organization, A peer-to-peer (P2P) network does not allow you to create distributed registries at speed necessary to meet the needs of users.
  • 51% attack problem
  • The problem of losing keys

Solution. Proof of Tsar

  • In order to solve existing problems, relictumpro propose several changes in the architecture of the blockchain, affecting communication protocols, network infrastructure, inter-network agreements, consensus algorithms, and so on.
  • Relictum Pro platform does not depend on the communication method, it is just a node, and how the message is delivered does not matter;
  • At the moment, _HyperNet’s own communications technology is being used; it works over or on top of the Internet;
  • The following networking method in the future can be used based on Bluetooth, WiFi, satellite communications, i.e., channel switching based on Bluetooth and/or WiFi and other promising protocols.

Solving the problem of 51% attack and other ambiguities
A single node, makes a decision within 0.5 to 10 seconds, the network is updated (regenerates) and another main node is selected, it collects instructions, forms blocks and distributes them to all nodes, i.e., the network changes dynamically every second. This gives an advantage, which excludes various kinds of ambiguities — collisions, double spending, and other things. There are no standard consensus principles. The more nodes are in the network, the better is the performance. This is achieved by the unique architecture of Proof of Tsar and the organization of the virtual circuit switching network.

Internal opportunities

Relictum Pro allows you to confirm transactions within the network of current cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. Transaction confirmations happen instantly. Even if Bitcoin has not reach the owner, a user can already immediately dispose of it.

External features of Relictum Pro (network)

  • The platform network has its own SDK for all platforms on dynamic libraries and APIs with examples for all types of programming languages (Modula, Delphi, Python, C/C ++, etc.)
  • Relictum Pro ensures operation with not only SDK and API protocols, but also
  • with own protocol of blockchain-platform at a low level — the socket protocol:
  • high degree of protection, speed.
  • It uses its own data transfer methods that can transfer not only information, but
  • also blocks, bytes, and entire files for external consumers. Can be used to organize
  • external storage.

Blockchain generations comparison
Distinctive features and advantages

Relictum Pro has several major features:

  • Smart contracts are used to formalize any type of activity where an event occurs;
  • Smart contract independently monitors whether some particular terms of the contract were fully implemented. At the same time, thanks to the Relictum Pro system itself, the code is absolutely protected from any third-party intervention;
  • That is, no attacker can change the source code of a smart contract between two (or more) nodes;
  • It is an opportunity to conduct operations with different types of smart contracts.
  • Possibility to generate new smart contracts with new type-properties or property-types.
  • In our system, a smart contract can be concluded at the same time between 10 contractors.
  • The weight (size) of a single block in Relictum Pro is about 120 bytes, which is 8000 times less, compared to, for example, Bitcoin.

Tokenomic model of GTN tokens genesis
Total emission genesis of GTN tokens, pcs : 10 000 000 000 GTN

  • Accommodation rate 1 GTN, : $ 0,0045
  • Total : 100%

The resulting RLC stable forcing fees will be automatically distributed based on the corresponding smart contract in the following order:

  • Rewards to General-nodes (further distribution by coefficients) : 50%
  • Tsar-node reward : 31%
  • Royalty for the use of IP Relictum Pro. Holders of the genesis of GTN tokens : 19%

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