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Introducing the new and improved CryptoMood app — just the tool you needed to navigate the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

The recent coronavirus pandemic has caused chaos in both traditional and cryptocurrency markets. Bitcoin has had a particularly rough time, losing over 50% of its value in a sudden shakeout on March 12th. Traders, social media influences, and cryptocurrency news outlets like Cointelegraph and Coindesk rushed to provide answers to impossible questions.

Source: CryptoMood App

The fact of the matter is nobody can say with absolute certainty as to what caused the crash. However, there is a way to minimize or even predict these price trends before they occur. This will become even more important in the coming months as governments around the globe rush to print fiat currency to try and offset the economic effects of Covid-19. “That’s impossible!” you say. Well, let’s look a look at how it can be done using our revolutionary app, and why it is your best tool to protect against sudden shakeouts and succeed in parabolic moves.

How does the CryptoMood app work?

Here is something we can all agree on: news drives people’s opinions about any particular asset, whether it’s Tesla stock, Bitcoin, or precious metals like gold or palladium. Then, people’s opinions influence the price action of that asset. If you’re a cryptocurrency trader you probably have more than 5 tabs open right now. Most of them will probably be crypto news websites and/or statistics about the specific asset you are invested in. We saw this as an opportunity to develop something that can optimize this process that you as a trader go through every single day to be successful.

The CryptoMood app aggregates data from news and social media, and also keeps track of a third factor which influences the price of cryptocurrency: large transactions AKA “whale movements”. Our app lets you access all of this information from a single point of reference through a standardized optic (we both know just how chaotic switching between sources can be). Most importantly, our app AI generates two unique measures: a news sentiment and a social sentiment. Depending on where you stand as a trader, you can use either or both indicators to your advantage to manage your assets accordingly during bull runs and flash crashes. The idea is of course that you get the news you look for from multiple sources faster, keeping you ahead of the other traders who are constantly refreshing their tabs. Then, using the social sentiment, you can see in real time when the bullish sentiment being detected across social media interactions is reaching its peak, letting you cash out at a more optimal time.

Source: CryptoMood App

News sparks opinions, and opinions determine price.

Features of the new CryptoMood app

To give your eyes a bit of a break, we’ve broken down the features of our new app in point form.

  • Built on the Flutter platform, resulting in 1–100 millisecond data fetch time
  • Enhanced news sentiment tracking algorithm
  • Enhanced social sentiment tracking algorithm
  • Push notifications (Alarms, message notifications, etc.)
  • Listing of large transactions between wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges (and vice versa)
  • Customize your feed using hashtags
  • Change the app appearance (light/dark themes)
  • Search through articles and social media posts
  • Upvote/downvote and comment on articles and social media posts
  • Chat with other users
  • Percent and US$ value change for any given asset in the past 24 hours

All of these features included in the free version of our app, which you can download for Android or iOS. However, serious traders may want to consider our premium membership for as little as 4,49 USD/month. A premium membership takes the app to the next level by injecting the features we just noted with steroids.

Here’s what you get:

  • News and social media for ALL 5000+ cryptocurrencies (free users only see the top 10)
  • Live news and social feed (up to a 4 hour delay for free users)
  • Ability to search and scroll back through previous news and social media, ad infinitum (literally as far back as your fingers can physically scroll)
  • Custom alarms for changes in price or sentiment of an asset of your choice
  • Create custom chat groups
  • Personalized updates, including information about upcoming cryptocurrency events

If you read and understood what you’ve just read, then you will know how much an application like ours could improve your trading. In fact, we even ran simulations to test it and the results are astounding. We are currently in the process of editing the study and will be releasing it soon, so make sure to clap for this article and follow us on Medium! Check out our other social media, too!

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