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As of last week I officially joined Swan Bitcoin as their Creative Director and GODDAMN if it doesn’t feel good to be a part of this team!

If you’re a Bitcoiner, you’re probably already familiar with some of us. Our CEO is Cory Klippsten who also founded GiveBitcoin. Our CTO is none other than Yan Pritzker, former CTO of Reverb.com and the author of Inventing Bitcoin. And then we have Brady Swenson as our Head of Education, but you’ll know him best as the host of the Citizen Bitcoin Podcast.

Freakin all-star team, amirite? And don’t get me started about our advisors who include folks like Stephan Livera and Matt Odell

But the real reason I’m so excited is because Swan Bitcoin is a bitcoin-only, mission-driven company, and that mission is to educate new Bitcoiners and help them to save bitcoin as easily, affordably, and safely as possible.

Yes, you read that correctly, to save bitcoin.

No, no no. Not “Save Bitcoin” as in save it from impending doom. Bitcoin is antifragile and gets stronger and more secure with each successive block. It’s a vicious honey badger, if you will, and it does not need saving.

Unfortunately, and this is becoming more and more apparent by the day, the world needs saving. You need saving. Your friends and family need saving.

We all need saving.

From what, you may ask?

In the words of Travis Kling, from “…monetary and fiscal policy irresponsibility from central banks and governments globally.” And in our opinion, the best way to do that is by accumulating bitcoin and holding onto it, preferably, and if you’re ready to do so, with self-custody.

We want you to save satoshis the way you were hopefully taught to save dollars or other fiat currencies. But this time instead of putting away some dirty fiat each month, you’ll be putting away satoshis. You’ll be saving bitcoin.

Not only does Swan offer automatic, recurring bitcoin buys, making it incredibly easy to “Set it and forget it,” when it comes to stacking sats, but we also offer automatic withdrawals to your personal bitcoin wallet. No more setting reminders to buy bitcoin. No more forgetting to withdraw from the exchange and risk loss of funds. No more absurdly high fees for absolutely no good reason. And no more stress about when to buy bitcoin, because with Swan Bitcoin, you’re dollar cost averaging all the way, baby.

This last year has seen unprecedented growth in terms of bitcoin on-ramps, but I haven’t seen a company get it completely right. Not until now.

Not until Swan Bitcoin.

Here’s to onboarding the next million Bitcoiners.🍻

Stay tuned folks. We have some amazing content in the works, both entertaining and educational. We’re going to make you laugh, make you cry, okay maybe not cry, but we are going to educate you about Bitcoin, so hopefully… you’ll buy.

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