We are continuing to build

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We are continuing to build

Over that past several weeks a number of updates have been released to the platform.

· Matching Engine — This include performance and stability improvements to the matching engine and order matching services. This update has paved the way for deeper liquidity and increased transaction load.

· Liquidity in key trading pairs


Deeper liquidity in additional pairs coming!

  • Download trade history .csv reports
  • Idaho added to USD approved states
  • UI improvements and bug fixes — This includes fixes for several states that were previously unable to access USD trading

What CoinLion offers today:

· The platform can be accessed at trade.coinlion.com

· Deposits, withdraws, & trading are fully operational

· 0% fees on all trades in LION

· USD deposits and withdraws via ACH

· FDIC insurance on USD deposits up to 250K

· Linked bank accounts

· 60+ trading pairs

· 3 platform theme variations: light, dark & professional

· 2 order types — market & limit (more to come)

· My portfolio view — displays asset holdings & percentages

· News feed

· Heatmap

· Social feed — displays twitter & reddit mentions of selected coins

Where are we headed?

We are continuing to focus on increasing liquidity, improving the trading experience, and developing useful trading tools!

As we work toward our mission, we keep those affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our thoughts and prayers. The team is practicing caution during this time. Given the nature of development work and cloud services, we do not expect to see any abnormal disruption to services.

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