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It is commonly known that gold has become one of the most popular instruments of wealth protection. For thousands of years, people have been buying gold in order to protect their wealth or to diversify their portfolio.

However, for some reason, buying or keeping physical gold is not a good option anymore. Firstly, there are documented to signs when a purchase of gold is done and it is quite a hassle. Then, people also have to think about security since this precious metal has been the favorite target of thieves. And last but not least is the matter of privacy. In most countries, when a person buys gold, he needs to present his identity. While this sounds like not a big deal for many, but for some, privacy is a crucial matter.

Then comes the blockchain technology. This technology offers a fast, hassle-free and privacy for any transaction, including the gold transactions. The physical form of gold can be digitalized. This way, when a person buys a certain amount of gold, he does not need to worry about storing it since what he got with him is the digital version, while the physical form is secured in the company’s vault.

One of the companies that offer such service is It offers gold in the form of token which is back by real gold. The name of the token is an ERC20 token which is Ethereum-based. By buying an ERC20 token, you are buying real gold because for every single gram of it, it is backed by real gold at the exact amount. People can even check their gold which is secured at the company’s vault.

The value of 1 tether token has the same value of 1 gram of Gold 99.99% fine. So, buying this token is the same as buying physical gold. The difference is that it is more practical, safer and offers more privacy. People can also buy and sell gold directly at the website which is functional 24 hours a day, something that you can’t do with buying conventional gold.

The transaction with ERC20 is also more economical as there are no transaction fees what so ever. Unlike buying physical gold that requires people to pay for extra fees, drop personal details and buying a gold token is lower on cost. Account security is also what gold token has to offer. At, all confirmed transaction is irreversible which means that people will not get the annoying charge backs that often occur with another digital payment system.

The accounts also will not get blocked by any authorities since the blockchain technology is decentralized. There is no party that can freeze or limit any account. This feature is something that banks do not have.

In conclusion, using gold as a way to protect people’s wealth is still a favorable option. However, buying physical gold is too bothersome as people need to deal with lots of paperwork, transaction fee and disclosure of identity. These problems can be solved by buying tokenized gold, ERC20, at

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