First Look at Bullionix’s Gold-backed, 3D NFTs — Launching March 30!

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The Bullionix dapp is launching Monday, March 30th. That’s when users can access the shop and mint the very first limited edition designs. We all know they are rare and staked with DGX gold, but today, we’re revealing their beauty!

Developed at the crossroads of technology and design

We approached designing our collectibles with our founding goal always in mind, “deliver what coin collecting looks like in the digital century.” We knew gold-backed NFTs was a great start, but not enough. The design of our NFTs needed to match the technologies we were implementing.

Bullionix NFTs are 3D, hi-res, and interactive with the dapp’s Display Case

Have you ever looked at the Bitcoin symbol and asked yourself… what’s on the other side of that Bitcoin? Every coin has two sides! So that insight settled it, Bullionix collectibles would definitely be 3D.

We began working with a number of 3D designers that explored different approaches both technically and stylistically. We needed a consistency in certain design rules that also allowed the greatest room for variety. First, each piece would definitely need to be high-resolution. Owners should be able to explore their Bullionix and inspect them in great detail. This had to be achieved while balancing technical concerns with file sizes, formats, etc. Beyond that, there was a lot stylistic details to settle. Lighting for example. Good lighting is so important!

We’re thrilled with the results from these months of experimentation. We now have the flexibility to incorporate just about any art styles, sizes, and models we’d like. This keeps the door open for collaborations with independent artists and designers who will ever increasingly surprise us with exciting new ideas.

Meet Meras, a mythical dragon who guards the greatest sunken treasures.

First Look: one of the very first Bullionix NFTs

It’s a pleasure to introduce Meras of the Sea, from the forthcoming Guardians collection. She was our first 100% completed piece, a Bullionix original, and will be available to mint when Bullionix goes live March 30th. There will only be an initial 25 mints possible. These make up the first of a maximum two batches set at 25 each. The second batch will only be made available for minting after the rest of the Guardians collection is released. It’s also worth noting that each NFT’s metadata makes clear which batch a specific mint comes from.

A seafloor of shadows gives way to reveal the mysterious Meras of the Sea

Looking at the coin, you can see the extreme detail put into each part of the collectible’s design. The original drawings paired with the right textures, shadows, and lighting have all come together to achieve haunting results. Subtle references to Ethereum and blockchain are easter-egged throughout the collectible as well.

This is where the dapp’s Display Case shines, enabling a Bullionix owner to interact via touch screen and zoom-in on the finer details of their collection. Only those who own the NFT can enjoy the Display Case experience, whereas everyone else will only see a JPEG preview within the dapp.

Each collectible’s metadata includes important information and hard coded rules and limitations regarding the actual minting. The name and collection are recorded on the blockchain as well each NFTs weight and rarity. Weight is important because it enforces exactly how many DGX gold tokens must be staked. Since 1 DGX is equal to 1 gram of gold, we adopt real world gold terms and can refer to Meras’ weight as 5 grams or 5 DGX interchangeably.

Regarding rarity, Bullionix smart contracts are hard-coded to never allow more than 30 mints per any one batch. In Meras case, she will only have two batches of 25, meaning there is only a maximum 50 mints possible. Each Bullionix collectible also has a small gemstone placed somewhere that visually indicates the rarity of any particular piece. Different colored stones draw distinction between common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and even epic 1/1 pieces. You can spot Meras’ turquoise stone in the image above.

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