Listing Vote #6 Reserve vs Ravencoin Result & Trading Service Announcement

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The Listing Vote campaign has completed, thank you for your participation and support. Listing Vote will continue to introduce more quality projects, so please stay tuned!
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Listing Vote Result

In this Listing Vote, the two projects competing against each other were Reserve and Ravencoin; the winner is Ravencoin! Congrats to the team!

By UTC 04:00, there were 2,205 participants, contributing 44,359,186 votes in total. For Reserve, there were 492 supporters with 13,636,670 votes; for Ravencoin, there were 1,713 supporters with 30,722,516 votes. Ravencoin received 17,085,846 more votes and became the winner in this round. has distributed GT airdrops to voters and the trading services of RVN/USDT will soon be available.

RVN Trading Service

The RVN/USDT trading will open at UTC 4:00, March 25 on The withdrawal service will be available afterward.
Deposit RVN at:
Trade RVN at:

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