New CEO Trading Model Firstly Launched On Fmall Exchange

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Because of the global financial crisis, the currency market is also influenced. Mainstream currencies led by Bitcoin have fallen. It’s hard to making money in such situation for the new comers and the experienced. At the time when everyone was in danger, the CEO of the new trading model was launched on the line.

CEO, that is, Consumer Exchange Offerings. It refers to take exchange users as the core and is the form of targeted invitations. Users, who participated in digital currency mining, will dominate the issuance of the mined digital currencies and launch them on the exchange, thereby overturning the bottleneck situation encountered by the blockchain industry and bringing market currency a great sense of security.

Flmall Exchange Account Settings

1.Coin Account

Stores digital currencies that users transfer to exchanges, or digital currencies purchased through fiat currencies.

2.CEO Account

The CEO account is divided into mining amount / available amount / locked amount.

A. Mining Amount

Stores the asset tokens obtained by the user’s mining, that is, the cumulative amount of tokens released by the user by accelerating the CDN every day.

B. Available Amount

The amount of GC or USDT that user transfers to the CEO account through the coin account;

The amount of GC released from the locked amount;

The rebates in USDT by inviting friends.

C. Locked amount

The amount of GC obtained by the user through the CEO transaction.

3. Transfer Rules

1) GC and USDT in the coin account can be deposited, withdrew and transferred to the CEO account and is available and sold into fiat currency, etc .;

2) CEO Section

The amount of mining cannot be transferred, and it can only be sold in the CEO trading area in accordance with the rules. The available amount can be transferred to the coin account, and it can also be sold in the CEO trading area. It is limited to GC. The locked amount cannot be transferred and cannot be used.

Users of the platform can deposite USDT through the address or purchase USDT directly from OTC. When the order is successful, they can check in the coin account. For CEO transactions, you need to transfer USDT from the coin account to the CEO account;

CEO Buyer Rules:

Ⅰ. Buying orders can only be an integer multiple of 10;

Ⅱ. Each person can grab a maximum of 1500U per day;

Ⅲ. The purchased quota is released to the CEO account at 1/365 every day, which can be transferred to the coin account for currency transactions;

CEO Seller Rules:

Ⅰ. There is no limit on the number of sales, and the price of orders cannot exceed 1/5 of the average price of the currency trading market as that day before;

Ⅱ. In the seller’s successful transaction, 25% of the transaction fee will be charged, which will be used as a reward for the promoter;

Ⅲ. The fee is USDT.

After the mining nodes of the CEO section reaches 1.80 million, Fmall Exchange will close the CEO section, and users can freely transfer the available GC balance to the coin account for free trading.

The new CEO trading model firstly launches on Fmall Exchange, and Fmall will continue to uphold its business philosophy, always insisting on putting the interests of users first, and is committed to providing a secure, fair, open, and efficient blockchain digital asset trading environment. More people will benefit from blockchain era.

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