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As permanent as diamond

Since we started the alpha test of NBdomain, the blockchain domain for everyone, people keep asking one question “How do I make sure I really own the domain?”

Let’s look at traditional domain names, which you have to renew on a yearly basis. Can we say we really own our domain? Common sense tells us if we have to pay a recurring fee for something, we are RENTING it.

With NBdomain, the owner is identified by the crypto algorithm. The owner’s public key is registered on the blockchain along with domain name. And it’s accessible by anyone which means it’s provable by any parties. The NBdomain protocol is designed that once the domain name is registered, the owner is permanent. The user does not have to worry about losing his domain name just because of forgetting to pay a renewal fee.

For users, it means safety. It means dependability. Since NBdomain can also be used as a Global ID, it also means a user can use it as long as he wants, not worrying about losing his ID anymore. It’s probably the first time in history that people can OWN an irrevocable ID.

If you build a website with NBdomain, you can trust it is there any time. No other party can change your content, delete your content or shut down your site.

If you save precious memories on NBdomain, like diaries, family photos, stories, you can trust this information are always there and accessible.

It also means a lot for app developers. If you develop an app using NBdomain, you can trust it is useable all the time.

  • Trademark Protection:
    Since NBdomain is irrevocable, we have to take precautions with registration. We encourage people to use NBdomain for personal and business purposes, but not registering other people’s trademarks, hoping to sell for a high price later. A trademark protection policy is implemented to mark trademark names as protected. The trademark owner can claim its NBdomain name within 12 months, starting from the official launch of the NBdomain.
  • Domain Recycling:
    Some users asked, what happens if I lose my private key, do I lose the domain permanently? In order to recover those domains that may lose private keys, an algorithm is implemented that if a domain has not updated for a year, it will be recycled by the system, allowing people to register these domains again.

NBdomain is on the alpha test, please join us

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