Why 2020 is going to be a good year for cryptocurrencies

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2019 was a revolutionary year for the crypto industry, including startups and investors. We saw many new projects come and up. Not many of those survived, but those who did turn out to be quite profitable for the investors. At the same time, popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and ETH continued to remain profitable.

So, what should you expect from the crypto market in 2020? Is it going to be the same as the previous year? Will we see any uprising just like 2017’s crypto boom?

Well, nothing can be said for sure. But, one thing is certain, we will see a lot more new cryptocurrencies and projects with real market demand and providing solutions to real-world problems because this is the kind of project that saw success in the past couple of years.

In terms of investors’ preference, again the cryptocurrencies with real demand and realistic market value will continue to shine.

Last year, we saw many new cryptocurrencies emerge and get popular in the digital currency space, thanks to their unique and realistic capabilities.

For instance, the Titan coin — a digital currency with real use cases or applications in the form of a series of advanced projects — became instantly popular among both the investors and users (of the apps).

The Titan coin (TTN), as well as the underlying projects, are still going very strong. The investors are happy and so are the owners.

Basically, in 2020 and beyond, the trick will be to find a legit cryptocurrency that has real demand, use cases, and a huge potential to be successful.

Now, to answer the question — whether cryptocurrencies will survive in 2020 or not, or whether one should invest in cryptocurrencies — here’s my answer.


Cryptocurrencies, as well as, the underlying technology blockchain has a very bright future. So far, we have only explored what I can assume about 1% of the overall potential of this technology.

Blockchain is the first-ever method that allows us to make digital payments and send-receive money in a complete peer-to-peer fashion without any intermediary.

If this concept is realized on a large scale, say on a country level, it will truly revolutionize the way payments are made worldwide. Projects like Titan coin are doing their bit in making this a reality very soon.

And beyond digital payment, blockchain has possible applications in a variety of industries where secure and immutable storage & sharing of data is crucial. For instance, the digital identity industry can benefit from blockchain through immutable and decentralized storage, sharing and access to digital identities.

Also, the future of crypto trading seems very bright, given that popular exchanges like Binance are doing innovations and partnering with new platforms to add facilities to their platforms.

Also, the emergence of new crypto exchanges like the TTN exchange with fiat-crypto trading capabilities is a good sign for investors/traders in remote countries where the access to cryptocurrency (and blockchain) is still limited because of regulatory problems.

To sum up, 2020 is going to be a fulfilling year for cryptocurrencies, investment and trading. Be ready to embrace new technologies and innovations coming up in this industry this year.

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