How to convert Non Spendable BTC into Spendable?

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There are only two possible reasons that you are here at this article.

Either you came here from my other story “Non Spendable Bitcoin- The truth” or you met some Bitcoin miner online. And he promised you that he will help you to mine bitcoin or there is some Forex trader/manager who said he is working with a great bitcoin trading firm which allows you to earn $3,000 in 24 hours by investing $300. What ever is the case, but now you have some Non-spendable btc showing up in your wallet.

So now, you are told that the promised amount has been added to your Blockchain wallet but it will remain Non-Spendable until you pay them the specific fee amount.

You might have already made an investment of $300 or so. If not, now they will ask you to make them a payment of some percentage of this btc in your wallet just say 10% and only then they will make this amount spendable.

You might feel, I have 0.42312742 BTC (Above example) in my wallet and if I pay him 10% of this I will have enough for myself.
Some people also ask the trader to cut his10% share from the wallet and process the rest for withdrawal to which they have very diplomatic answer that we can not touch your funds accounring to the company policy and you need to pay the 10% fee before your wallet is processed.

Now, the user is struck, he has this much btc in front of his eyes that he can’t afford to buy with his money and can’t loose them either. So he arranges money and pays them the amount, once the trader gets the amount he blocks you on the social media and leave you handing with your Non-Spendable BTC in your Blockchain wallet.

The trader left you in a confusion state, you don’t know why he blocked you and what to do with this Non-Spendable BTC in your wallet.

Initially, you try to explore the Blockchain wallet to see if you can find some option to convert these non-spendable btc into spendable and even when spending hours on this research you find nothing, you start searching on Google and YouTube -How to make non spendable btc spendable or how to convert non spendable btc into spendables. Most of the things you find are shit.
But, you might come across some article online or some person on social media that says they can help you to convert the Non-Spendable BTC into Spendables but you need to make some payment for the serivice.

They ask you for $200 or $300 and you feel okay I have around $3,500 in BTC , even if he take 300 and adding the previous losses I will still stand with enough money. So you Pay and loose another $300.

Now this is devastating, right?

You really want to unlock your funds but you are not getting any ways to do that and everyone who promices help loots you.

How about, if I show you how these Non-Spendable funds are made? Will that help you to understand some thing? I am sure it will.

The sole reason to teach you about this is to share the knowledge and educate you to prevent this kind of scam happening with you or your friends. If you try to do this scam with people, you will be responsible for the consequences, the author has no responsibility for any person’s action after reading this article

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