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The inaugural collection of 20 NFTs from the Machi X DAO is about to enter the hands of collectors and DAO members for the first time in less than 24 hours as bids close on OpenSea. This initial wave of NFTs are extraordinary both artistically and technically — this is the debut into crypto art from notable artists, minted on the industry’s most advanced NFT smart contract in production today.

Join us at our flash party to celebrate this momentous occasion at the Machi X Gallery in Cryptovoxels — Sunday May 24 at 11pm UTC+8 Taipei time / 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern / 5pm CET.

As part of the inaugural art auction, each winning bidder will receive 1 share to the Machi X DAO. Bid on these pieces here:

Mainstreaming crypto through art is one of our goals. Our push for this inaugural collection was to bring in a diverse set of artists that include many non-cryptonatives. By introducing more artists to cryptoart, we are accelerating the adoption of crypto through integration of more patrons in this space.


Australian street artist Lush is, according to his own claim, the world’s first and therefore best meme artist. With over 1-million followers across Twitter and IG, Lush receives regular press coverage for his adventures. Lush was part of Banksy’s Dismaland exhibit, and most recently built a love-hate relationship with 50 Cent. See Lush’s exhibit here.


Director and VFX wizard Erik Ferguson has a cult following beyond the industry. He pushes the boundaries of organic beautifully grotesque CG. Ferguson feeds his legion of Instagram followers a constant stream of his short tests and experiments. His work has been featured in the blockbuster film Guardians of the Galaxy. He has directed shorts and music videos, including promos for Zhu + Nero and Lil Jon, and artwork for The Horrors. See Fergmanden’s exhibit here.

Rob Jabbaz

Rob Jabbaz is a Canadian animator and filmmaker in Taipei, Taiwan. He works in a broad range of moods and styles that all seem to be tied together by a strong reverence of fantasy, speculative reality and the arcane. He is currently in the process of directing his first live-action feature film. See Rob’s exhibit here.


Pastelae is an artist from Piteå, Sweden. She has a passion for digital art and the internet culture. Her work features pastel original artworks with dream layers and soft pink internet feelings. See Pastelae’s exhibit here.


SuperCyberTown is a SE Asia based creative entity that utilizes cutting-edge technology in unique ways to bring inspiring visions of the world of tomorrow to life, today. With more than a decade of experience in visual effects, virtual reality, and interactive media, SuperCyberTown seeks to change the way that people perceive the world around them. SuperCyberTown’s collaborations over the years have ranged from massive activations for high profile global brands, live musical performances, prestigious cultural festivals, and intimate themed exhibitions. See SuperCyberTown’s exhibit here.

Pirate Sheep

Mag. art pirate_sheep is a multimedia artist and freelancer from Croatia. Uncanny creatures that roam her work are the muses of newly born ideas in her projects. A source of continuous inspiration since an early age. Her main tools of expression have become VR, 3D animation and digital stills. She is currently developing three VR projects of artistic nature, one of them being a personal piece. See Pirate Sheep’s exhibit here.

Joshua Heilman

@c0mput3rxz aka Joshua Heilman is a scientist, a software developer, law student, and a member of the Machi X DAO. He is a game designer and owner of Waterdeep MUD and a friend of DAOs. See Joshua’s exhibit here.

Machi X NFTs provide artists with assurance that their copyright and royalty information are stored with their art, while giving collectors the confidence that the art they bought is immutably stored in the Permaweb. Artists and collectors can provably know by looking up the NFT token that none of this information will change.

Our smart contract includes the most comprehensive coverage for information relating to the art itself: ipfs hash, arweave hash, creator, title, description, tags, copyright, royalty fee, edition number, total editions, creation date, file type. This information helps collectors understand just what it is they bought, where the files are located, and know that their collection will exist in perpetuity. Redundantly storing files across two decentralized storage systems, Arweave and IPFS, ensures continuity in the event one of these storage networks is no longer viable.

We are very grateful for the help from our partner InfiNFT (pronounced Infin-nifty) and soon-to-be Machi X DAO member Nate for authoring this smart contract. We also want to thank the Arweave team and community for their support. We are proud that this set of NFTs are the first tradable cryptoart NFTs on Arweave.

Machi X is a collective of artists and patrons, curating and trading digital art. Read more about the Machi X DAO here. As part of the inaugural art auction, each winning bidder will receive 1 share to the Machi X DAO.

Talk with us on our Discord channel or follow us on Twitter.

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