21yo’s take on a 3 years bitcoin journey

Here’s my story:

Me 21yo, high intensity, high testosterone, jerking of with both hands and feet virgin male first got in to crypto when I was 18yo. My first ever purchase was 100$ in bitcoin.

Yes, I did the same mistake of telling girls about bitcoin as the other guy in this sub-reddit, consequently the virgin part. I feel you.

The first ever experience getting my hands on my private key really was thrilling to say the least…just like most of you, we all know this feeling of: “omg, why the fuck am I not receiving my bitcoin to my wallet” after double, no, triple checking the correct address and then refreshing the wallet every few seconds until I get it half an hour later because I’m fucking cheap and chose a low trx fee.

I didn’t know in what a journey with a lot of self improvement along the way I’ve tumbled myself into at 18yo and I just thought I was next level woke. In the first year of my “well established crypto career”, I ended up putting about 2000$. Let me remind you… I’m 18 years old and this was after the 2017 crash and it was when the price of bitcoin was hovering 9-8000$ range.

Aw man, I did every mistake a newby could make.

Next thing you know, I’m 30-50% in the red and I ended up telling everybody in the class it’s the future and so on. And it became a running joke for the next 2-3 years in school.

Like “oh it’s the bitcoin guy” or “Ay man, how’s bitcoin?”, I would just say “yea I’m down about 50% but it’s fine”.

Got laughed at, even one of my teachers said that I wouldn’t make any money on crypto as a whole because the train left the station.

He was a good guy, really took the time to understand people and talked about the power of compound interest and meaning of life. Now that I think about it… he really was one of my best teachers, ever.

Anyway let’s get back to my proud story…

The one thing which surprised me the most is the faces and the reaction from most of my classmates when I told them the amount I was currently losing with a straight face and they would just be telling me what a bad decision I’ve made.

The struggle is real.

I remember withnessing most of my classmates buy a new Iphone every year, buying expensive as fuck clothes then braging about it and being proud of the fact that they paid 100$ on a T-Shirt…

Meanwhile here I am, working and investing most of my money in bitcoin.

For me, It was and still is a normal behavor because I have the mindset of “I’m young, I have nothing to lose, fuck it… I’m just going to do it”

One of the things that motivated me the most on this regards is Papa Elon Musk saying something along those lines of: ” ”

Yea what do you think? Cmon? *Joe Biden Style*

This is next level writing, some would say I’m at the pinacle of comedy, hands down, resting dick on your forehead, period.

I’m not going to write all that shit down so I found you the exact video I was thinking about and BAM! I’ve transfered the same thing I was thinking about in your head by just sharing a video.

Welcome to the internet baby!!! This is crazy. I am crazy, yes… anyway I digress.

The way this man talked about this topic, he really means it, he went deep down my scrotum and managed to touch my heart.

He’s a real visionary. This guy could sell me his freshly squeezed out luke warm shit and convince me it’s for the greater good of humanity.

I still remember telling many of my then “friends” to invest in bitcoin at 3000 because it was a lifetime opportunity.

What do you think happened next in your oppinion?

I know, I know really hard question, right?

Ding, ding, ding. Congratulations! The answer is:

They didn’t listen, they didn’t even bother researching it.

Let’s just say that now at the end of 2020 I’m about 80-90% networth wise in bitcoin/other crypto currencies which just basicaly means I’m mentally retarded into bitcoin, let’s be honest here… 21M club, let’s just say that.

I do have a ledger.

By this point you might be thinking: “This guy really is mentally deficient or underdeveloped”.

Like, I feel honored to be called retarded (: makes me cum, shit and piss my pants at the same time

Let me tell you: PURE ECSTASY

I’m mentally challanged but I still somehow managed to buy a ledger, took me 2 years but I still did it.

Since I’m at the ledger part, let me insert this:


Not even your priest, he will take them and use, abuse them and then throw them away like many other chil…, again, I just implanted the same thought into your brain and I didn’t even finish my sentence.

Well I just wanted to give you guys a backstory even if most of it did not make any sense at all.

Now at the present fucking day, we crossed 15k bitcoin and it doesn’t seem to stop. (It will but let’s just stay on this hopium induced craze for a bit longer)

Never felt this way of “Omg, what I’ve been preaching all these years like a pedo priest to my children eventually came true” and I actually felt a sense of:

“Fuck. How do I cash out?”


“When do I cash out?”


“Will I even cash out?”

Or rather

“Nah, I won’t cash out because this is a lifetime investment and I’m protecting my wealth against inflation and the inevitable colapse of traditional money/fiat currency is right at our door step”

Like come on guys… 22% of all the $ ever in circu-fuckin-lation got created in 2020.


Any thoughs on this? What is your oppinion? Did you like this post? U gay? Midget perhaps? Yes? Upvote for 20k bitcoin alright?

And with that I’m out.

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