22% of Goldman Sachs clients expect bitcoin to exceed $100,000 in 12 months

22% of Goldman Sachs clients expect bitcoin to exceed $100,000 in 12 months

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  1. The more of this posts I see, the fishier it gets. Why is everyone and his mom at big investment companies screaming out how Bitcoin will rise to stupidly high values?

  2. Of course now that they are invested they expect bitcoin to go 100000 whatever. While they were busy warning everyone that bitcoin was for fraudsters back in 2017.

  3. GS clients are actually probably not very good at predicting crypto prices. They old school finance people who think 10% a year in gains is an unlikely expectation.

    I have very little doubt BTC will hit six figures in 2021. But then it will likely dive back down in 2022. Of course it’s not a sure thing, but I’ve gambled most of my money on it. I’d buy right now if I had more $$ to spend.

    I’ll even say it’s likely BTC eventually reaches $1M. It only needs to 20x to get there, and it has done that plenty of times – and we’re just in the beginning of the institutional adoption.

  4. With institutional money coming in, it’s not going to take them long to figure out that there are hundreds of crypto projects that are better and more promising than BTC.

  5. Goldman Sachs are all the worst white collar criminals of the last three decades. Absolute banker scum amongst all the money laundering, politically connected shady 1%s on the planet.

    When they get involved in bitcoin, it is bound to get dirty.

  6. lol this reminds me of 2017 when people were saying the same thing and then it crashed and didn’t hit it’s ATH again for 4 years? Or close to that. It might hit 100k, but I think 70-80k max personally for this cycle.



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