250k and beyond to infinity 馃憗锔忦煈勷煈侊笍

250k and beyond to infinity 馃憗锔忦煈勷煈侊笍<a title="" class="aalmanual" href="">Bitcoin</a>/comments/qap34b/250k_and_beyond_to_infinity/

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  1. Wait wouldn鈥檛 swiping your bank debit card be more equatable to using Bitcoin? And there is no percentage on debit. Credit is money that鈥檚 not yours that鈥檚 why there鈥檚 interest. When you buy something with Bitcoin it would be your Bitcoin. Correct if I鈥檓 not understanding something.

  2. But…. Jamie Dimon and Ken Griffin said it’s a worthless scam, in a few more words. Granted, the former offers it to wealthy clients and the latter is (allegedly) a liar under oath. What ever should we believe?!

  3. i know this is the bitcoin sub but come on, bitcoin will be the world currency?

    Isn’t there a fee to buy bitcoin? just like swiping your credit card?

    The problem with bitcoin is there is only so many bitcoins and once 1 is lost it is gone forever. Eventually all bitcoins will be lost and you can’t just print more like money.

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