3 reasons to invest in bitcoin in 2021

In May, halving took place on the bitcoin network – halving the reward for mining. According to experts, in the long term, the event will support the rise in the price of BTC.

You can learn more about the effect of halving on the behavior of the bitcoin rate from our material.

2. In the context of the pandemic and financial crisis of 2020, the BTC exchange rate has shown stability. This opinion is shared by many analysts and representatives of the crypto community, including Business Insider reporter Frank Chaparro.

In particular, he noted in his microblog that Bitcoin turned out to be more stable than all other assets. Since the coronavirus crisis is not over yet, and its consequences can put pressure on the economy for a long time, BTC will retain its investment attractiveness in 2021.

3. BTC is a cryptocurrency into which investments of deceased projects “flow”. Due to the departure of altcoins from the market, bitcoin continues to grow its positions.

Not all members of the crypto community agree with the opinion that investing in bitcoin 2021 is a smart decision. Some users believe that halving will negatively affect the position of BTC, including due to the surrender of miners amid falling revenues from mining the coin.

However, the growth of bitcoin implemented in 2020 managed to break many theories of opponents of investing in a coin

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