3 Weeks ago Elon agreed that Bitcoin incentivizes renewable energy



Just a few weeks ago Elon Musk agreed that BTC is good for the enviroment and renewable energy. He also invested into it a few weeks before promoting BTC and even sold some to show its liquidity. Now either Elon doesnt do his research and invested in BTC just for fun, or more likely hes just smart. This dude didnt become a billionaire by being dumb, hes playing the markets and he knows his tweets have sway.

BTC was doing fine before he got involved and it will do fine after. We dont need these celebrities promoting it, if they have it they adapted the tech and thats it lets move on. Too many people idolize whoever is in BTC as if it matters.

Yes it might lead to more adaption but a lot of these people dont do reaseach, look at DOGE most of them have it on crypto and push for Amazon to accept…how are they going to pay Amazon in DOGE when they cant even pull it out?

Also for statistics BTC mining is powered by 40% renewables, while overall 75% of all mining farms use renewables at some point. Their main cost is energy so its only logical they try to cut it down

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