The FBC Fund is an investment platform based in the UK. It offers investors trust management of their finances and uses their funds for trading on the stock exchange with help of the unique RJVX12 algorithm.

The Fund is well-known for its investments in the DeFi sector (Yearn Finance, for instance), as well as the recent acquisition of 20% of VectraCoin’s coins.

What is the explanation for the 300% growth in a few months?

First, the company invests in new tokens and ICOs, and they usually increase by hundreds or even thousands of percent after entering the market. The Yearn Finance Protocol, for example, grew by 7000% in the first week, and that’s, of course, the income for investors.

Anyone can become an investor of the FBC, there are no restrictions on countries, and the minimum investment is only $50. The income depends on the selected plan, there are 5 of them. The difference between them is income: from 0.5% up to 3% daily. The yield depends on the amount of money invested: in order to get the highest percent of the profit, you need to invest at least $10,000.

The company also offers an affiliate program. By inviting people, you can earn more and build your own structure. FBC plans to attract the best partners around the globe.

Let’s check the accuracy of the information, shall we:

1) The company claims that it’s officially registered. Go to the UK Companies House website and you can see yourself that FBC is a real licensed company.

2) Talking about the hotline and the office… The phone support politely answered all our questions despite our persistence. In the office we had quite a nice chat with David, the client manager.

3) What about the safety of funds? There’s an insurance fund, and in case of unforeseen circumstances, all investors will receive their initial deposits (at least).

4) We tried to find at least one negative review about the company, a deceived customer, or something like that, but we didn’t find a single mention of the company in a bad light.

Well, it seems that the people who don’t believe the fund are mistaken, since investments in Yearn Finance, for example, already speak about the company’s competence. The Fund’s current goal is to look for the best projects, invest in them at the earliest stages, and provide a huge profit for the company and its investors. It can be compared to investments in bitcoin back in 2011.

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