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MATIC, ALGO, EGLD & XMR Primed For a Break Out!

The broader crypto space has been recording higher highs since the start of the quarter. Bitcoin seems to have followed its suit, kindling a grand bull season. As its dominance slides sideways, other altcoins are chugging up to claim their new highs. 

Popular crypto analyst AlanaSantana listed out some of the prime altcoins to look out for. Notably, Solana, Polygon, Fantom, Terra, Harmony, and ADA are on the verge of a massive breakout! Further, the analyst has mentioned crucial points of breakout. Let’s discover the brief price analysis of each. 

SOL/USDT Price Analysis: 

Solana has been trading within the tight range against the USD. The chart highlights SOL’s latest break out from $148.17 to $159.13. The analyst recalled the altcoin’s previous break out at crucial support level of 0.618 fib. If Solana goes into correction this can  be the main support based on past history, he added. Further, the analyst has given three probable targets in the upcoming bull run $993, $563 and $260. 

MATIC/USDT Price Analysis:

Polygon has been another protocol which has been awaiting patiently for a major break out. Chart shared by the analyst highlights Matic’s healthy consolidation of around $1.379. He further expects a crucial breakout from the present level to reclaim the previous ATH of $2.7.

LUNA/USDT Price Analysis: 

Terra (LUNA) one of the promising projects to look out for. The latest Q4 has turned out phenomenol for the altcoin. The chart shared by keenly indicated the altcoin’s run in the converging parlell channel. Further, he expects Luna price to retest at $43.26 to take a crucial leg up to $110. On the contrary, the digital coin would settle down at $16.52 support.

ADA/BTC Price Analysis: 

The ADA has been undergoing prolonged consolidation from the past two months. The analyst has been looking for ADA price to break out from $1.93 to retest the resistance at $2.78 and $2.40 respectively.

ONE/BTC Price Analysis:

Harmony (ONE) is one of the unnoticed coin which has been recording lower highs since the start of the quarter. Pointing out to greener MACD factor, the analyst stressed potential surge in buy pressure. The chart displays One price to continue to form another lower high at $0.20 before retesting at $0.37. 

Collectively, traders appear to be moving their BTC and ETH gains to various altcoins. Besides, aforementioned prime coins have the strong probability to move to their new higher highs. Netizens and popular crypto enthusiasts are expecting a filthy profits by the year’s end. 

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