5 Crypto Altcoins Likely to 10X in December! These Newbies Could Make Your Christmas Special!

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The crypto domain is the space where things change in a flash, new advancements, quick trend reversals, and dramatic changes in evaluations are much sharper than any other industry. The new innovative projects set to enter the space aim to generate new investment opportunities for the users. Notably, V launch, Quidd, Savage, dTravel, and RainMaker are the five potential projects set to launch this December. 

V launch: 

VLaunch is a multichain launchpad backed by experts in blockchain technology. Yet the crypto space holds numerous launch pads, while some possess great functionality, and some are junk. What makes V launch special or what makes it worth paying attention to V-launch is basically a content creator-backed launch pad. The project is being spearheaded that has managed to get on board the top content creators across the globe. Primarily, this means coins that launch on launch would get access to a great network of people instantly. However, the project is all set to go live on 4th December. 

Quidd Token: 

Quidd has been an official token of the Quidd ecosystem. The utility token deployed on Ethereum mainnet aims to aggregate the network of collectors, developers, and content creators. Moreover, Quidd has been a marketplace of digital collectibles, where users could purchase and sell licensed NFTs from more than 320 brands. The Quidd protocol was launched on November 12th, 2021, it has delivered firm earnings since then. Consequently, the Quidd price surged by more than 500% since its advent, from $0.8 to $4.16 at the press time. 


DTravel, being a decentralized autonomous organization the platform is governed by users such as hosts, guests, and community members. While a host with Dtravel, users get more protection, more control over interaction with guests. In addition, travelers could book the destination spot with the platform. Users could pay lesser transaction fees and earn rewards on payment. 


RainMaker is another exciting project where traders could participate in fantasy games corresponding to the cryptocurrency industry. The project further allows testing traders’ knowledge among the online community. In addition, users could participate in distinct contests on their preferred market choice and could utilize portfolios to earn exciting cash rewards.


Savage has been the revolutionary project which was the very first carbon-neutral video and photography NFT marketplace. The project has been the biggest stock photo site. And the central goal of the platform is to enable maximum reward opportunities in the hands of actual creators. 

Collectively, the aforementioned projects are at their nascent stage of development. Each project plans to step ahead of the rest of the projects with revolutionary concepts. Hence, it is suggested to keep a close eye on these projects which would bring yet another trend reversal. 

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