5 Cutting-Edge Projects Building Vital Blockchain Infrastructure

5 Cutting-Edge Projects Building Vital Blockchain Infrastructure

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  1. Enjin is Definitely the biggest out of those, so not surprising.

    I know Unizen is an exchange with a lot of unrealized potential. It may suffer from the same problems a lot of recent releases had though (tldr huge fully diluted valuation).

    DAG is a real game changer IMO… Like buying DOT or ATOM extremely early. Massive.

    The rest? ehhhh πŸ˜… I’m willing to admit I haven’t researched them a huge amount but, bruh…

  2. tldr; Bware Labs is a multi-chain decentralized API solution that acts as an interface between API consumers and node providers. Unizen is a Smart Exchange Ecosystem that provides global traders and retail investors with access to exciting blockchain projects through the combined functionality of a secure CEX, DEX, AI-driven social sentiment indicators and Binance-level liquidity. Enjin allows users to create, mint, manage and sell NFTs peer-to-peer.{}

    *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*

  3. The only reason DAG (Constellation) isn’t $1 is because you could only buy it on kucoin. Now with the stargazer wallet soon connected to lattice exchange, their fee-less DEX, this project is going to blow the roof off traditional, slow blockchains.

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