60 min went brrrrrr last night

60 min went brrrrrr last night

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  1. when he says “provide liquidity” what that translates to is they were printing billions of dollars a week and giving it to people who are already super wealthy..

  2. Debt for social programs like food and new infrastructure is good debt. Bad debt like billions for corporations is bad debt. I’m sure my kids would rather pay the debt that benefits than the retirement slush funds of the 1%.

  3. Ohhh so they learned their lessons about liquidity problens and definitely won’t do it a third time after being bailed out twice by the fed already.

    It’s just like dealing with an awful spoiled kid and their terrible parent who thinks their kid will learn from a good talking to after fixing their problems.

    Never been so glad to be stacking BTC.

  4. “US federal budget on an unsustainable path, meaning the debt is growing faster than the economy” yet “that doesn’t mean that the debt is in unsustainable level.” – unless the dollar is getting back on gold standard I doubt that anything will divert the budget from the path that Powell talks about.



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