A BCH Maxi posted this on r/BTC. Has BTC been compromised by MasterCard etc? What is your opinion on this? Scrolling through r/BTC feels like a brainwash…

A BCH Maxi posted this on r/BTC. Has BTC been compromised by MasterCard etc? What is your opinion on this? Scrolling through r/BTC feels like a brainwash…

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  1. Jebus, lol. Bilderberg is at the centre of so many conspiracy theories.

    I suggest whoever posted that PROVE their accusations instead of bleating “fOlLoW tHe MoNeY”. Wait, they can’t. Moving on

  2. There are a few hints, but no concrete evidence I would say.

    The best evidence you have is right at hand. BTC is a slow shitcoin LN is still a mess.

    If you take a look who the whole scaling debate went down you could only scratch your head.

    All the while BCH is killing it with big blocks and 0-conf transactions.

  3. I dont know what a Bilderberg is. The whole thing looks like a lame conspiracy theory, of the “saucer people and reverse vampires” variety.

    However, I have looked into Lightning, and to me the incentives in it will naturally steer the protocol to a small handful of large nodes with many payment channels. If you wanted to build a crypto network that mimiced the current Visa network, it would look a lot like Lightning.

    So, it’s possible this guy is right, for the wrong reasons.

  4. Major tinfoil hattery going on here. But anyways Bitcoin’s function as a store of value is arguably the best “development” (that is, because it did not change) it could have made, from a price perspective. In my humble opinion. It’s the one coin that basically has no challengers for its use case as digital gold.

  5. First of all, just by putting Bilderderg Group in that position and implying that they control the world’s economy can be controversial; the only fact about them is that they are a group of rich/influential people who come together to talk about global issue. If their power is as big as it is implied and want to impose a global order, is for you to decide. But the fact that a member of this group is at the same time the CEO of AXA doesn’t necessarily imply something bad or could be mere coincidence. It wouldn’t surprise me that a company invests in the Bitcoin Blockchain, it isn’t forbidden and it could bring great profits, so their intention is also debatable. But the fact that the only link between Axa and Blockdream is the 55$ Million investment suggests that their influence isn’t as great as the post implies, the history would be completely different if de Castries owned 50% of the company or so, but this isn’t the case. The same with MasterCard, the only “proof” is that they invested in another company which invested in Blockdream, doesn’t say how much or any other details. Also, why did Blockdream cripple the BTC network if they have so much control over it anyways? So that people would use a project that is owned by the same people? Another problem I see with the post is that it implies that Blockdream profits from Bitcoin the same way the Federal Reserve and Banks profit from ordinary people. In the latter, the money created is infinite and taxpayers eventually pay a part of it through inflation or taxes, some gain Billions and are not required (is not even expected) for them to pay it back. But when the Bitcoin’s fees go up, other users benefit from it, such as miners and if Blockdream benefits from it, it isn’t as much as to call it compromised. The possibilities for crypto are huge and if this Bilderberg Group is as powerful and influential as the post implies, we would see a different approach. Imagine what would happen to the crypto market if the Bitcoin’s programmers decided to damage ir enough for it to be useless. Why aren’t they doing it?

    The post doesn’t make much sense and there is much information missing to even call it a conspiracy theory. Although it could be true, I don’t believe it. But that’s only my opinion, as you asked, don’t take it as granted



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