A Bitcoin ETF Has Arrived In The United States

A Bitcoin ETF Has Arrived In The United States

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  1. LOL. Wall St. criminals are coming…

    Instead of putting money into a retirement fund which then buys shares of another fund which *claims* to buy bitcoins, but is likely doing a rehypothecation scam…

    …individuals should **buy actual Bitcoins** (not alt-coins, GBTC, ETFs, paypal, robinhood, etc), then send their Bitcoins to their own (hardware) wallets.

    “*Not your keys, not your Bitcoins*.” — Antonopoulos

    Stop applauding the Wall St. criminals.

  2. tldr; The SEC has approved ProShares Bitcoin Futures Exchange Traded Fund (BITO) for trading on the New York Stock Exchange. The fund will trade under the ticker “BITO” on the NYSE. It will be available to investors through a brokerage account and be bought and sold like a stock.

    *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*

  3. It’s a futures ETF, why it’s allowed. They wanted it to be short able and not required to actually buy BTC. It is why Trump allowed futures to happen as he is very old money and sees it as a threat so he was hoping it would be shorted out of existence. This is simply for them to double down but it could lead to a legit ETF in the future

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