A conversation with a Dogecoin millionaire – NYT The Daily podcast

This, in my opinion, is one of the greatest crypto stories of all time. I don’t know why. 🙂

This episode contains strong language.

What started out as a kind of inside joke in the world of cryptocurrency has quickly become, for some, a very serious path to wealth. Today we explore the latest frenzy around a digital currency, what it tells us about the flaws in the old economy — and the risks and rewards of the new one.

PS: Hope he sold some…

Edit: OMG I just listened to the rest of it… he says that he sees it as a long time investment and won’t sell. I was happy for him first, but no I question him big time…

Edit2: Why do you downvote? I am just the messenger! 🙂

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  1. >In February, after reading a Reddit thread about Dogecoin’s potential, Mr. Contessoto decided to go all in. He maxed out his credit cards, borrowed money using Robinhood’s margin trading feature and spent everything he had on the digital currency — investing about $250,000 in all.

    Simply put, he yolo’d and got lucky.

  2. Glauber dude, you seem like a nice guy, if you’re reading this I beg you to sell some! Sell half and be a real millionaire. At the very least get your initial investment back. Think of your mom! Rooting for you buddy!



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