A country adopting BTC has politicians nervous. Warren perpetuates the “BTC energy” lie. I predict our pal Brad Sherman is up next.


And expect a lot more FUD from politicians in the next week. They don’t like this. The ones controlled by the banks will scream the loudest.

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  1. Now is when you find out what kind of people they are. Warren just lost any support she ever had from me. I’m fine with ignorance, but ignorance on a mission is dangerous and negligent.

  2. She said what she needed to say to pay for and get through school. She said and says what she needs to say to get and stay elected. But every once in a while her actual colors leak out. That’s the actual Elizabeth Warren showing there.

  3. I agree. Not that I think it will matter in the end, but at least for this next stage of adoption, my suggestion to anyone with BTC on exchanges is to move it off exchange into cold storage. Just incase the government tries some shady stuff like hacking an exchange and claiming it was some rogue “hacker group”. More devious stuff has been done before unfortunately, and now the income streams and legacies of very powerful people are being threatened. Just recognize it for what it is and act accordingly folks!

  4. >The ones controlled by the banks will scream the loudest.


    Brad Sherman [Funded by banks](

    [Brad Sherman](

    >CryptocurrencyOn March 14, 2018, Sherman made highly critical remarks about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and Initial Coin Offerings. He started his prepared remarks by saying “Cryptocurrencies are a crock”. He further said, on Congressional record, that all Bitcoin does is allow “*a few dozen men in my district to sit in their pyjamas on their couch all day, and tell their wives they are going to be millionaires”*. He further suggested that Bitcoin doesn’t provide any value to the real economy, asking “when you buy a Bitcoin, are you helping build a new factory?”[89] On 18 July 2018, Sheman called for a ban on the dealing in or mining of cryptocurrencies by U.S. Persons; and states use of crypto currencies as a medium of exchange is useful only to individuals facilitating narcotics trafficking, terrorism, and tax evasion.[90]

    edit: took out the snark

  5. Disappointing considering I have a lot of respect for Elizabeth Warren. Watching her take on the big banks a decade ago was enjoyable and made me view her as a populist. She’s really off base with Bitcoin though. I hope she learns a little bit more about it before she opens her mouth again.

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