A couple of questions I have about decentralization (or lack thereof)..??

I have a couple of basic questions that I’m not finding any specific answers to.

With the idea of decentralization, bringing control to all of us on our own wallets with our own private keys, etc.

Well, in order for all of this to work we still need an internet connection. This means we’re still dependent on a few corporations or a government to provide that for us. What is the community response to that? What’s the solution for that over time?

On that same note, I’m learning a lot about PoW vs PoS, and I’m looking into setting up an ADA Staking Pool of my own.

I’ve been watching videos on this and reading tutorials including the [ADA Stake Pool School](, and they mostly talk about setting up your node servers on AWS, MS Azure, Google, or some other cloud hosting provider (which is likely piggy backing off one of those major ones anyway.)

So again, this seems very centralized to me. If those guys decide to shut down the servers running all of these validators…what then?

How do we truly decentralize anything when we have to count on them for an internet connection and/or hosting before any of this is possible?

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  1. Decentralised keys + wallet + untraceable decentralised exchange (like Poltergeist) = complete freedom. Governments will hate it and potentially make it illegal.

  2. Sorry but to answer your question, complete decentralization, without any hierarchical corporations or governments will never be possible. It just won’t. We all need to be practical and accept that



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