A friend of mine recently got banned from Ebay without any explanation. He has moved to Bitcoin now!

eBay, one of the largest e-commerce platforms, recently banned one of my friends for selling a few old books on its platform. The books were simply a collection of old college books and were in no way controversial.

There was no explanation given to him for the ban, added to this, the account has been suspended permanently and cannot be restored. Despite [several communication attempts]( no explanation was given.

He has since [moved to Bitcoin]( and is now selling his books on OpenBazaar.

This is yet another instance of how big corporates can freeze or ban you for no apparent reason. All the more reason to make the switch to Bitcoin.

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  1. eBay and Paypal are both criminal companies run by tyrants.. both are scammer friendly, greedy, shitty companies with customer service from the third world where they read from a script, predetermined outcome in all disputes where they favor the buyer (scammer) etc.

    Crypto may transform eCommerce in that regard.



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