“A global superpower just declared war on bitcoin… and the market barely even noticed”

“A global superpower just declared war on bitcoin… and the market barely even noticed”

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  1. tldr; The People’s Bank of China has banned all cryptocurrency trading in China, effectively making bitcoin illegal in the country. The move came one day after Twitter announced that its 330 million active users will soon be able to send bitcoin to each other instantly and for virtually zero cost. Bitcoin was almost completely unchanged on Saturday, having found support at its 200-day exponential moving average.

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  2. “But you, China, you’re just a country. The world’s most powerful country poses no more threat to me than does its most powerful termite”

    – Bitcoin, if it were a watchmen character

  3. I love to see a authoritarian government ban bitcoin, it makes me happy inside. Now I will enjoy watching as btc thrives without China. Then China’s government caves and allows bitcoin again. I mean how much longer do we have to live with these totalitarian governments? Bitcoin is hope for a world without government robbing us and controlling us through the thing we have to have to trade goods and services, money. Time for the separation of money and state!

  4. It is because it is bullshit and everyone sees it. China didn’t do shit. US Media regurgitated an old article in an effort to tank the market. And it did not work as well as they hoped it would. Someone paid for a hit piece, Bloomberg did the hit piece, a little shit happened and that is it.

  5. The definitive fact that China locks down on almost everything economical allows them to control the aspect of their society spending on bitcoin. They banned Bitcoin so the price would stay low. I think so they can have the US keep it low and have everyone there HODl until boom boom time

  6. The superpower which cheapens the value of its currency for their manufacturing to stay competitive? It’s only a superpower in an aggregate. The average citizen gets screwed day in and day out by getting stuck with the currency that stays cheap against other major currencies.

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