A Groundbreaking Messaging And Trading Platform Built On Solana

Secretum: A Groundbreaking Messaging And Trading Platform Built On Solana




Secretum, a blockchain-based messaging app, provides a secure platform that allows people to interact without compromising their security and privacy.

Secretum is the first fully decentralized and secure messaging app created on the Solana Blockchain. Secretum seeks to provide end-to-end messaging services to its users free from censorship, moderation while at the same time providing users with much-needed privacy. 

Created by a group of Lithuanian developers, Secretum also provides users with a robust storage system that is trusted and independently verified by nodes on the Secretum network.  This ensures there is no point of failure a downside of using other cloud-based messaging services. 

What sets Secretum apart from other processes is that it provides users full privacy by allowing for anonymous sign-ups. The platform does not collect any personal data like names or phone numbers to eliminate the risks of data hacks and leaks. Notably, users are only required to key in their crypto wallet address to sign up on the platform. Additionally, since there is no data harvesting, users do not have to worry about their data being used for marketing purposes, a common practice with many messaging platforms today. 

One thing to note is that Secretum is much more than a messaging app. The platform also offers an OTC trading solution for its ecosystem. Secretum’s trading solution allows users to trade crypto tokens and P2P over the counter through an integrated escrow smart contract (ESC). The trading solution also matches buyers and sellers, allowing them to contact each other through message blasts. Secretum allows crypto owners to do something unprecedented, namely communicate and trade with each other without knowing each other or having each other’s data on a contact list.




Another advantage is that Secretum’s trading solution is cost-effective. It helps users avoid fees, liquidity issues, and congestion using centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges.  Users can also safely invest in invalidated crypto projects and communicate the newest market updates and trends through smart public channels. 

Secretum is built upon a three-layer architecture, Blockchain, Nodes, and Application, to create the to-go platform for trading ad communication solutions. The Secretum ecosystem is built on the SER token used for various utilities on the platform. The token can be used for staking rewarding users, as a form of guarantee for users to initiate contact, to make payments, and help expand the Secretum network.

While the Secretum has made significant milestones on its roadmap, many new developments are still to be launched in the coming days. The community is expecting the launch of community building and competition platforms, Secretum network set up, mobile application developments, alpha nd best testing before the final release.

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