A list of Guides and basic information for newcomers (and some veterans)

First of all, thank you all members who contribute to these kind of post. It helped me, and probably a lot of people.

With all the newcommers flooding the sub, i wanted to collect some post that are really helpfull for beginners. There are some users who make great guides and give information about subjects and how to use it. I tried to list it in order, starting ofcourse with what is blockchain. I think its always good to know what your investing in and how the basics of the technology work. From there we go to Exchanges, wallets, DYOR, staking, etc.

Hope its helpfull for newcomers;




[Difference between a coin and a token](




[For the newcomers: the top 50 Cryptocurrencies, each explained with one sentence.](










[Binance Earn](






[Everyone is a genius in a bull market.](


[Sell walls: What they are, what they do, and how to spot them.](


[When in doubt, zoom out](


[Don’t check your portfolio and prices every 5 minutes. It is not healthy!](


[Limit Order / Stop Order](


[[Guide] With markets rising again, here is a friendly reminder to do your own research, and some tips on how to research!](


[GENERAL REMINDER: Backup your Google 2FA codes](


[How a became a millionaire using crypto technical analysis and here is a guide]( (Theoretics are correct, but its a comedy post)


You can also visit: [simplecryptoguide](

If you have more guides, please mention them below and i will add them to the list. If you have any questions how to, just ask!

Have fun!

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  1. If I might make a suggestion, it’s probably best to break up the list with formatting and maybe make it a wiki page. While the information is good, it might be overwhelming for anyone who is actually a newbie.

    An example of one formatting change I would personally make is to lump related topics.

    Something like:

    Beginner’s Guide to Crypto
    Section One: The Fundamentals

    A) What is the blockchain?

    1.) Blockchain, a basic Understanding
    2.) MIT Video
    B) How do you use cryptocurrency?

    1.) Difference between coin and token
    2.) Exchanges
    C) Security

    1.) 2FA
    2.) Wallets

    Section Two: Generating revenue with your crypto

    A) What is Staking?

    B) Cefi vs Defi


    Edit: formatting. you’d think after 12 years I would remember to double-space for formatting; Apollo has spoiled me!

  2. This is great. I just started researching cryptocurrency last night as I want to start. I saw a post where someone was asking how to mine a few dollars a day and people suggested banano from folding@home and a few other similar things. It seems like there’s a ton of different cryptocurrencies. This may be a stupid question but is there something stopping a never ending supply of new types of cryptocurrencies being introduced?

  3. Thank you so much! I’m new to this subreddit and i’m already so overwhelmed by how many things i need to learn. Your post is so helpful! Here’s to make a better life with proper meal!

  4. This guide is exactly what I needed. Just barely getting into crypto today and I’ve been at a complete loss on where to even begin. Hell I probably spent 20 minutes just getting an exodus wallet set up.

  5. Thank you OP, this is extremely helpful. I’m still very new to the space and inspired by all the success stories, and this gives a tangible step by step to dive deeper in

  6. I have been interested in getting into crypto for a while, but I never take the step. Today I thought it could be the right time to start and your thread just popped among the first results so… I’ll take it as the little push I needed to jump into.

    Thank you very much!



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