A list of links, youtube channels and telegram groups that have helped me massively as a newcomer



[Coin Bureau]( (my personal favourite, best educational channel)

[Benjamin Cowen]( – High quality analysis and education of the market

[Digital Assets News]( – Up to date news and analysis

[InvestAnswers]( – A very mathematical approach to answering crypto questions

[JRNY Crypto]( – Very active channel constantly updating and reviewing the market


**Telegram groups**

whalepoolbtc – Possibly the oldest crypto telegram group Mostly discussing BTC

Crypto_Tweets – Updates with all the important crypto tweets

cryptoquant_alert – Alerts on big movements

RedditxMoon – Reddit moons discussion

cbinsider – Coin bureaus telegram

shitpool – Whalepool but for altcoins



**Educational and useful links**

[]( – Binances crypto education


[]( – **VERY USEFUL** shows upcoming events for cryptos which I found very helpful.


Hope this can help some newcomers like me.


**(EDIT) – Suggested links by you**


[**Dapp University**]( learn how to develop Dapps (Decentralized Applications)

[**kitco news**]( and [**bitcoin**]( channel good for news about bitcoin and crypto in general.


[**Finematics**]( – Great channel, explains DeFi and other Ethereum concepts in a simplified animated/sketched way

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  1. Thanks yo! This sub needs way more content like this and way less of the text posts we’ve been seeing;

    1. Elon musk bad
    2. Doge bad
    3. It’s a dip, I’m freaking out man.

  2. Thanks so much! I’m not exactly “new” but still feel like a newbie in many ways… crypto can be daunting and some days I think I’m starting to understand things, and then there are days where I’m completely blown off track by some shit I read and apparently don’t understand at all lol



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