A little help to avoid checking charts every 10 minutes

It can’t be hard to control yourself to check the charts every time you got a chance.
Some of us (including me) lack the willpower to ignore checking prices multiple times a day, even harder when you work on a computer, and having a tab open with it is so easy.

This can be unwealthy and just makes you feel “addicted” to it so I found that having an addon that blocks keywords or websites when you turn it on helped me a lot during the past days.

There are plenty of them out there, and the one I installed was just the first one I found ([here](

It’s as easy as turn it off to check them, but adding an extra layer to it actually reduced significantly the times I check prices on a daily basis.

It helped me, so it might help you. Stay safe!

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  1. Easy tip : say to yourself that you wont make significant money before at least monthes, you can check by curiosity, but don’t be on the expectation of anything. In this market, there isn’t any real “bad moment”. If it’s low, that means it will grow and this is the perfect time to buy for those who will be able to invest. If it’s high, well, you wont sell, so yeah that’s great, but it will be greater in monthes/years so whatever.

    Make a plan, decide now at what cost you want to sell, even prepare a stop limit if you need that so it sell by itself when you reach the desired amount. If you don’t reach it, you don’t sell.
    Sanity is the number one priority.

    This isn’t a financial advice.

  2. For me, I just kinda grew out of it. I used to check my balance every 5 minutes, but now I go on for days without checking it. Of course, if you are thinking about making quick bucks short term, then checking it often is a smart move. But if you are going for long term, then no reason to check really.

  3. Unless you have crazy amounts invested, nothing special is gonna happen in ten minutes. Once or twice a day is necessary for me but anymore is just a waste of time.

  4. I think it’s usually just a matter of time. I know this isn’t the answer you are looking for, and I’m sorry I can’t say something more useful, but I really do think it comes down to time.

    Right now it’s hard to look away. Prices are skyrocketing and it’s exciting to keep checking – especially since some people have invested hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, or more into crypto. You want to keep track of your money!

    It took me until the crash back in 2018 to stop looking every 2 minutes. I basically never checked the price until December because it just wasn’t exciting to check – now it is again and I check regularly but not as often as the first time. You’ll get used to it over time!

    Another thing I found helpful is to set buy/sell orders. I found that I usually checked the prices to determine when to sell/buy. However, if you set orders everything will be carried out automatically once your set thresholds are met. This lets you be a bit more hands-off and you don’t need to be glued to the charts as much! Of course, if you just plan to hold then it doesn’t make a difference.



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