A lot of people doubted the internet 20years ago. We are living through the same thing right now in crypto, just remember you are still early to the game. Throwback to David Bowie’s internet prediction in 1999

A lot of people doubted the internet 20years ago. We are living through the same thing right now in crypto, just remember you are still early to the game. Throwback to David Bowie’s internet prediction in 1999

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  1. Thanks. Never seen this before. Bowie was something else. For him to so clearly see how profound the internet would be and to be able to articulate it back then in the 80/90s was really cool to watch.

  2. Something that stood out to me

    Interviewer: “It’s just a tool though, isn’t it?”

    Bowie: “It’s so much more, it’s an alien lifeform”

    What a powerful statement. It’s so surreal seeing David talk about that before the real explosion of the internet. It sounds really similar to how a lot of the visionaries talk about blockchain right now. Amazing.

  3. This is BEAUTIFUL! The medium and the context do change the content, and crypto isn’t just a different delivery mechanism for money, just like the internet wasn’t just another mechanism for delivering information.

  4. If anyone is a fan of Adam Buxton’s podcast, he did a great couple of “Bowie wallow” episodes after Zavid died. One of the segments is a chat with an Irish fella who befriended Bowie on online chat rooms in the early days of the internet. It cross references to this interview I think.

  5. Here is the full interview from the BBC:

    It describes so perfectly how many of us felt back then when computers started, then internet, then mobile, then social and now crypto. This is perfect to show anybody who is in doubt about “this crypto thing” – because they today cannot imagine living without it.

    The part from above starts around 9 minutes.

  6. Bowie would have been an awesome guest on JRE. I could listen to this man all day.

    Truly a ‘big picture’ thinker. The interviewer on the other hand seems like the opposite, a small-minded tool.

  7. This is the difference in a response from someone who has had a full life. Not from a man who lived such a straight edged life, but one who is open minded to change. Bowie is a god. All hail his brilliant mind. RIP

  8. See now I prefer clips like this over all the overly used memes we get bombarded with during the weekend that aren’t even funny anymore. As far as clip yeah Bowie was truly a step up from his peers at the time. His death years back was truly saddening. Interview videos with Bowie and others like Robin Williams and etc are really nostalgic. I grew up watching their movies as a kid in the 90s. Welp I’ll drink a beer for ole Bowie and look at my green candles while I’m at it.

  9. I look forward to what happens with the Internet and technology. Crypto currency, quantum computing, faster internet speeds and rapidly growing computer hardware. The future looks bright and I’m excited to see the innovations that come in the next 20+ years

  10. In 2017 people were saying the same thing. A few years before that people also said the same thing.

    Let’s be real, we can’t keep using this narrative of, “you’re still early” any more.

    Large financial institutions and private companies are getting involved and buying up crypto. Hell, banks (like DBS) are no getting involved in selling crypto.

    **Ground floor / pioneer:** 2009 to 2010

    **Early Investor:** after 2010 and before 2012

    **Moderately early investor:** between 2013 to mid 2017

    **First wave of mainstream hype / retail mania:** End of 2017

    **Second wave of mainstream hype / institutional buying:** 2020 to 2021

    I don’t see anything “early” about people getting in now. If you’re getting in now, hell, you missed the whole insanity at the end of 2017 where crypto was making huge headlines, and even by that timeframe there had already been 2 major boom/bust cycles before.

  11. He was pretty damn spot on with his prediction.

    But I want everyone to take a little reality check, most of the utopian ideas about what crypto that you may have, won’t come true, it’s going to become more centralized and decentralized at the same time and that’s okay.

  12. What the fuck he was really spot on for a prediction made in 1999

    If they got told that an internet connection would be pretty much needed for modern life just like how electricity is a necessity they just wouldn’t have believed you.

  13. What a great video! Yes I totally agree about where crypto is at, in relation to the beginnings of the internet. I’ve said this to acquaintances as a comparison they could relate to. Thanks for sharing this!



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