A resource for those who have their funds locked on Binance (or Coinbase)

Hello community,

My recent ordeal with Binance has turned me into a Redditor and I hope everyone here can try to avoid what I had to go through and what a lot of us are still going through.

**Summary of what happened on Binance (and read similar with Coinbase):**

* been using Binance since 2017 (the first bull run)
* been verified since 2017
* wanted to withdraw 6 different coins to wallet
* successfully processed 3 coins but when I got to ADA, my account was flagged RISK CONTROL
* opened first ticket, submitted about a dozen very unrealistic videos (ie. record a video logging into Binance, indicating which coins I wanted to withdraw and how many, all under 25mb)
* fast forward a week, my first ticket was closed without resolution
* opened a second ticket, submitted all videos again; decided to do some research on Reddit and seems like I was one of hundreds; ticket again was closed after a few weeks
* finally onto my third ticket and I was **fed up** and started to become an activist with Twitter and LinkedIn outreach to journalists and Binance employees
* ticket was finally resolved after I successfully reached out to an employee on LinkedIn after 8 weeks

**Tips on what I learned that may help IF you are already blocked from your account:**

* as there’s no timestamp, I have learned to timestamp myself daily. This is the template that I use: “11.20AM on April 15, 2021. No update from Binance. ”
* daily screenshots of the timestamp and into a seperate folder in case I need to provide evidence to the journalists in my social media outreach
* reach out to journalists via LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platform to gain traction


**Tips for those who are using Binance just fine:**

* have a backup exchange
* ensure that you are fully verified!!!!!!!!!!!
* make sure you CAN use their exchange and your country is NOT banned from using any exchanges!!! CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH….IF YOU DO THIS IS YOUR OWN FAULT.


I’ve also created a document to collect all the cases. Please add yours to the document and tweet and social media outreach this doc as much as you can.[](

Hope this will help everyone get some attention and resolve their cases.

**Please help share this as much as you can to help those who are stuck and add your issues to the document!!!**

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  1. The first crypto exchange to nail customer service is going to do so well. Kraken is the best customer service experience I’ve had, but it still took a LONG time to resolve compared to other styles of companies

  2. Dang mate, I’m glad I didn’t encountered such issue yet…
    This hard to trust a third party exchange.
    I’m using Binance&Coinbase, all’s fine so far with withdrawals..



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