A visit to the currency museum

A visit to the currency museum

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  1. If a crypto will become the worldwide currency, it will not be bitcoin. The transaction fees and slowness makes that very unlikely.

    I really hope nano becomes more widely accepted (and I don’t even own nano) as its basically identical to what we have now but decentralised

  2. “why did they contort their bodies like that? That can’t be comfortable for daily interactions.” “They had a culture of Intrinsic value that required their skin to detach and inflate like a balloon, the biggest balloon was the leader. This is why their culture failed, They were basically just sumo-wrestling puffer fish that believed in Invisible hands.”



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The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), says it is set to publish an update to its guidelines on cryptocurrencies and virtual asset service providers.

FATF is set to publish an update to its guidelines on cryptocurrencies.

The first Bitcoin reference in television history aired on The Good Wife in 2012, when it was only worth $3.41