AAX Announces AAXSeeds Reward Earning Campaign

AAX Announces AAXSeeds Reward Earning Campaign

AAX is the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange powered by LSEG Technology and the first to switch to the Satoshi Standard (SATS) to accelerate Bitcoin adoption. Its objective is to provide the advantages of sound money to everyone by connecting traders, innovators, NFT-artists, high-net-worth investors, and the unbanked.

Furthermore, AAX targets Solana-based tokens that are doing well on decentralized exchanges like Serum. The exchange announced in June that it has allocated $10 million USD for Solana Summer development.

Users of AAXSeeds may anticipate early access to not widely known Solana projects. To support early-stage businesses using Solana (SOL) smart contracts. AAX cryptocurrency exchange had recently established AAXSeeds. In the next big step, AAX announces the listing of the LIQ Protocol.

AAX, the first LSEG-powered crypto exchange, says its Solana-focused branch, AAXSeeds, offers the second token, LIQ.

LIQ, a fundamental native utility asset of LIQ Protocol, is currently accessible on AAXSeed. It develops a decentralized on-chain liquidation engine mechanism using Solana-based DEX Serum (SRM).

Moreover, LIQ withdrawals will be accessible on October 26, 2021. (9:00 a.m. UTC). The trading date and hour will be announced shortly. AAXSeeds’ goal is to reach a large cryptocurrency enthusiast audience.

To honor this incredible listing, AAXSeeds announced three promotional reward-earning campaigns totaling a 10,000 LIQ rewards pool.

Traders that deposit LIQ tokens may share 3,000 LIQ. Users may enter the 2,000 LIQ campaign by liking and retweeting the listing notice. And the biggest promotion (5,000 LIQ at stake) for AAX Savings subscribers (passive income module of AAX exchange).

How to join the rewards campaign in detail:

Deposit LIQ to share 3,000 LIQ

To participate in the event, participants must have a net deposit of at least 200 LIQ from an external address to AAX. 3,000 LIQ are up for grabs. 1st come, 1st serve KYC1 completion during the campaign qualifies for double airdrop incentives.

Share 2,000 LIQ through Twitter following and retweeting

Follow AAX on Twitter ( and LIQ on Twitter (

2. Retweet or share the LIQ listing with the hashtag #AAXListsLIQ and tag three friends.

3. Fill on the form with the retweet links and screenshots.

1000 users will be chosen at random to get 2 LIQ apiece through an airdrop.

Subscribing to AAX savings to share 5,000 LIQ

During the event, consumers who sign up for fixed savings products as per the criteria mentioned on the website for the first time will earn 5 LIQ. One participation per user. 5,000 LIQ are up for grabs. First come, first served, according to the subscribe time requirement.

To summarize, users who want to use this reward-earning opportunity can participate by depositing LIQ tokens, promoting its listing, and subscribing to the AAX Savings LIQ unit.

The user’s AAX account will be credited within 7 days after the campaign’s completion. One needs to log in to their account to confirm the deposit.

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