AAX’s Hong Kong FinTech Week 2021 Conference

AAX’s Hong Kong FinTech Week 2021 Conference

AAX is the first LSEG Technology- powered crypto exchange in the world and contains 1 million+ users across more than 100 countries. It connects different players in the crypto ecosystem, including traders, giant investors, innovators, NFT-artists, and the unbanked investors. In its service, AAX is motivated by the desire to help ground cryptocurrencies in the actual world, while at the same time bringing the benefits of sound money to the world. 

Hong Kong FinTech Week 2021

Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Insurance Authority and the Securities and Futures Commission joined hands to co-organize the Hong Kong FinTech Week 2021. The regulatory bodies brought together three different institutions; InvestHK, Financial Services, and Treasury Bureau .This Asian FinTech event started on November and will go on until 5th.                    

The hybrid ceremony will be virtual (online), as well as physical (Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre).  

AAX’s Hong Kong FinTech Week 2021 Conference  

AAX is a Diamond Sponsor serving to support the rigorous FinTech Community present in the region. While doing so, they strive to understand the dynamic relationship between the physical and virtual worlds.  The exchange has come out as part of a very vibrant digital asset ecosystem in the Hong Kong region. The conference is very timely, promoting change in the crypto space and platform for important discussions about the future of FinTech. 

Standing as a global pioneer exchange under LSEG Technology, AAX has beaten other crypto exchange platforms in transitioning to Satoshi Standard (SATS) in an effort to embrace Bitcoin

As part of their efforts towards this direction, AAX officially launched their first exhibition for their Hong Kong FinTech Week 2021 on November 1. The occasion also marked the inauguration ceremony to confirm event speakers.

The 3-day inauguration ceremony features Toya Zhang, Ben Caselin, and Anton Gulin in the Deputy Chief Operations Officer, Head of Research and Strategy, and Country Manager of Russia, Ukraine and CIS positions respectively. The three gentlemen are expected to discuss some of the key issues on cryptocurrencies. As part of the agenda, they will cover DeFi and NFTs and the need for digital inclusion. 

The event provides an international avenue for connecting with the entire crypto community. It highlights the potential of FinTech and the role of multinational collaborations in enabling this future. The sponsorship week provides the opportune time for participants to witness the next level of creativity as achieved by AAX. 

AAX also set a display point for composing an NFT. This set up is also a stage for facilitating virtual fun with concept of cryptocurrency celebrity gods and their role in influencing the market. 

Sessions AAX will be speaking at

Session About Panel Discussion
Crypto in 2021: Misconceptions, Lessons & Opportunities Ahead Global stage: November 3, 2021 at 1420-1500 HKT 1. Ben Caselin– Head of Research & Strategy, AAX
2. Christian Ng– Principal, GBV
3. Lucy Gazmararian– Founder and Managing Partner, Token Bay Capital
Crypto Assets – Investing for a New Age Future stage: November 4, 2021 at 1330-1400 HKT 1. Toya Zhang– Deputy COO, AAX
2. Michel Lee– Executive President, HashKey Group
Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) & DeFi: Changing the Conversation of Digital Creativity & Value Future stage: November 4, 2021at 1430-1500 HKT Ben Caselin– Head of Research & Strategy, AAX
2. Zen Fong– Head of Crypto, Hong Kong Digital Asset Exchange
How Digital Inclusion Should be the First Step to Financial Inclusion Growth: November 5, 2021 at 1510-1530 HKT Ben Caselin– Head of Research & Strategy, AAX
Mohd Khairil Abdullah– Chief Executive Officer, Axiata Digital
Role of Crypto Assets in a Changing World Vision: November 5, 2021 at 1530-1550 HKT Anton Gulin- Country Manager of Russia, Ukraine & CIS, AAXYulong Liu– Managing Director, Babel Finance

This is the first time AAX is sponsoring the international premier conference. The sponsorship is a proud moment for the exchange and makes it a pacesetter for the entire digital assets community with an opportunity to share ideas about how to take crypto to the next level.

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