About 25% of El Salvador’s population uses Bitcoin, says president

About 25% of El Salvador’s population uses Bitcoin, says president

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  1. The tweet was the president saying that 1.7M Salvadorans have downloaded the Chivo app. That doesn’t mean that 1.7M are using or have used BTC. Just means that they’ve downloaded the app.

  2. tldr; El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele has revealed that 25% of the country’s population already uses Bitcoin. Around 1.6 million people have already downloaded the official Chivo wallet. This means that the adoption of BTC in El Salvador is increasing at an accelerated pace. As of September 17, around 1.1 million Salvadorans had opened accounts at Chivo.

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  3. what percent uses shoes?

    serious question, not to be demeaning but some of the tech facts are fascinating like how prolific cell phone use is there… but on the other hand this entire thing looks like a game of civ where you still have slingers and loin cloth archers in the nuclear era, like dropping nintendo switches on an uncontacted tribe

  4. In other words 75% of El Salvador’s people do not use the country’s national currency. Not being able to control your own currency is a very scary thought. Imagine what would have happened if the US wasn’t able to give out unemployment money and stimulus money during the pandemic. When El Salvador faces a crisis it’s going to become ground zero over their

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